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Executive Summary: Paycor Virtual Summit
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Workforce Management

Executive Summary: Paycor Virtual Summit

This year’s HR & Compliance Virtual Summit highlighted legislation changes and vaccine mandate updates, DE&I tips, year-end prep, and best practices HR leaders can use to grow their careers. Our speakers shared insights with thousands of HR leaders over the two-day event.  

Did you miss any of the live sessions? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out our executive summary for top takeaways.

How to Grow your Career in HR – Secrets from a HR Leader
Speaker: Nathan Pierson

As an HR leader, you’re often so busy developing the careers of others and pulled in so many different directions that you may not take time for your own. During this session, veteran HR leader Nathan Pierson shared:

  • Questions every HR professional should be asking
  • Strategies to help you elevate and advance in the profession
  • Skills every HR leader should develop to help future-proof their career

Is Top Talent Leaving? Here’s What to Do.
Speakers: Sara-Kate Debord and Erin Ruark

Employees are quitting their jobs at an alarming rate (11.5 million workers in April, May, and June alone) in search of more money, better working conditions and increased flexibility. As a result, business leaders are searching for new ways to combat this labor shortage. In this session, HR business partners, Sara-Kate Debord and Erin Ruark discussed how HR and business leaders can engage existing associates:

  • How to have meaningful retention conversations
  • Tips for investing in targeted development plans
  • Reimagining compensation and benefits offerings

The Compliance Issues Everyone Will Be Talking About
Speaker: Julie Pugh

Compliance is on everyone’s mind, especially as much of the workforce goes remote and so many new laws are emerging at state and local levels. During this session, our go-to compliance expert, Julie Pugh analyzed the trending issues and topics that will impact HR and business leaders in the year ahead:

  • Wage and hour compliance
  • Meal and rest breaks
  • Privacy laws
  • Biometrics
  • Paid sick leave
  • NLRB updates
  • ADA accommodations

Vaccine Mandates: What HR Needs to Know Now
Speakers: Lori Mans and Jonathan Yarbrough

With the FDA’s full approval of a COVID vaccine, many employers are re-evaluating their current policies and regulations—and new updates and modifications are coming fast and furious. During this session, employment law attorneys, Lori Mans and Jonathan Yarbrough, highlighted the latest changes and shared important information on vaccination policies and regulations.

HR Doesn’t Have to Be Rinse and Repeat: How to Fall Back in Love with Your Job
Speaker: Lori Kleiman

There are so many ways to have an HR career, but all of them lead to the same four common components: Executive Presence, Influence and Credibility, Strategic Initiatives and Taking Action. This program delivered facts, tips, tricks and best practices in a way that celebrates the human resource professional with a sense of humor, a bias toward actions that improve their operations right away, and practical resources to support progress.

Are You the Cause or the Cure of the Great Resignation?
Speaker: Stacey Gordon

HR gets caught in the middle but how you position yourself at the beginning of your tenure will set the standard for how you are perceived and received by employees. Are you complicit in the activities that are frustrating and turning away employees or are you revising policies and setting the stage for change? This is your moment to right the ship, go down with it or jump ship altogether.

Insider Tips to Empower New Managers
Speaker: Terry Wilson

Employees don’t leave companies, they leave bad managers. That’s why it’s mission-critical to have the right people in place to build and lead winning teams. And it’s even more important to provide a strong foundation for new managers right from the start. In this webinar, Senior Human Resources Consultant, Terry Wilson, discussed:

  • Understanding the role of managers and leaders
  • Learning to adapt to different perspectives of your employees
  • Developing an awareness of employment laws
  • Refining communications skills
  • The importance of documentation

If you missed any sessions from our latest Virtual Summit, check them out on our On-Demand Webinars page. And even though our fall Summit has concluded, we’re already starting to plan our next event coming in the spring of 2022! Stay tuned to Paycor.com for more details.