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Minimum Wage by State 2022 and 2023 Increases

Changes to states minimum wages in 2023.

For employers with employees in multiple states, keeping up with numerous minimum wage rate changes can be a daunting task. While some states are on a schedule for annual increases to eventually reach $15 an hour, 12 states still adhere to the federal minimum. Although the federal minimum wage of $7.25 has not budged since 2009, nearly half of the country increased their minimum wages for hourly workers after January 1, 2022 to compensate their employees, and more than a dozen will provide additional increases going into 2023.

To ensure your organization is aware of the latest minimum wage requirements, Paycor has created a breakdown by state.

State Minimum Wage Rates 2022 vs. 2023

State2022 Minimum Wage2023 Minimum Wage (effective 1/1/23 except as noted)
Alabama $7.25 (Federal, no state minimum) 
Alaska $10.34 
Arizona $12.80 
Arkansas $11.00 
California  $15.00 for businesses with 26+ employees$15.00 minimum will apply to all employers Annual increases begin  1/1/23
Colorado $12.56 
Connecticut $14.00$15.00 effective 6/1/23
Delaware $10.50$11.75
Washington D.C. $15.20 
Florida $11.00$12.00 effective 9/30/23
Georgia $5.15 (Employers subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act must pay the $7.25 Federal minimum wage)  
Hawaii $10.10 
Idaho $7.25 
Illinois $12.00$13.00
Indiana $7.25 
Iowa $7.25 
Kansas $7.25 
Kentucky $7.25 
Louisiana $7.25 (Federal, no state minimum) 
Maine $12.75 
Maryland $12.50 
Massachusetts $14.25$15.00
Michigan $9.87$10.10
Minnesota $10.33Annual increases begin  1/1/23
Mississippi $7.25 (Federal, no state minimum)  
Missouri $11.15$12.00
Montana $9.20Annual increases begin 1/1/23
Nebraska $9.00 
Nevada $9.50*$11.25
New Hampshire $7.25 (Federal, no state minimum) 
New Jersey $13.00$14.00 (Businesses with fewer than 6 employees and seasonal employees pay $12.70)
New Mexico $11.50$12.00
New York $13.20 (fast food– $15.00) 
North Carolina $7.25 (Federal, no state minimum) 
North Dakota $7.25 (Federal, no state minimum) 
Ohio $9.30Annual increases begin 1/1/23
Oklahoma $7.25 
Oregon $13.50Annual increases begin 7/1/23
Pennsylvania $7.25 (Federal, no state minimum) 
Rhode Island $12.25$13.00
South Carolina $7.25 (Federal, no state minimum) 
South Dakota $9.95 
Tennessee $7.25 (Federal, no state minimum) 
Texas $7.25 (Federal, no state minimum) 
Utah $7.25 (Federal, no state minimum) 
Vermont $12.55Annual increases begin 1/1/23
Virginia $11.00$12.00
Washington $14.49 
West Virginia $8.75 
Wisconsin $7.25 (Federal, no state minimum) 
Wyoming $5.15 (Employers subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act must pay the $7.25 Federal minimum wage)  

*Companies that provide employee health insurance can pay $1.00 less.

The map below shows which states have changes in minimum wages in 2023.

Map of U.S. States with 2023 Minimum Wage Increases

You can find minimum wages for tipped employees, here.

Which States are Increasing the Minimum Wage in 2023?

13 states are raising their minimum wage in 2023. These states are:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia

In most of these states, the minimum wage will increase on January 1, 2023.

Is the Federal Minimum Wage Rising in 2023?

No. The federal minimum wage has remained $7.25 since 2009.

Which States Have an Upcoming Increase to $15 Minimum Wage?

The following states have passed legislation to reach a $15 minimum wage in 2023 and beyond.

  • Connecticut (2023)
  • Delaware (2025)
  • Florida (2026)
  • Illinois (2025)
  • Maryland (2025)
  • Massachusetts (2023)
  • New Jersey (2024)
  • Rhode Island (2025)
  • Virginia (2026)

Which State Has the Highest Minimum Wage?

The state with the highest minimum wage is California ($15.00). However, this wage applies only to businesses with 26 or more employees. The state with the highest minimum wage applying to all companies is Washington ($14.49). In 2023, three states will have the highest minimum wage for all employees: California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

If Washington, D.C. were a state, it would have the highest minimum wage ($15.20).

Which State Has the Lowest Minimum Wage?

The two states with the lowest minimum wage are Georgia and Wyoming, both sitting at $5.15; however, employers in Georgia and Wyoming that are subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act must still pay the $7.25 Federal minimum wage.

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