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Onboard like a Pro: Tips for Successful Employee Integration
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Onboard like a Pro: Tips for Successful Employee Integration

Congratulations! After much time and effort (and probably a whole lot of interviews and resume reviews) you’ve found the perfect employee to bring into the organization. Of course, the way you bring that new employee in can make all the difference in how quickly they reach their potential. That means of course putting them through a strong onboarding process.

Enhance Every Employee’s Success

The offer letter is signed, the first day is set, now what does your newest employee have to know? What do they have to do to get started? What does your team have to do?

Paycor’s FREE Onboarding Toolkit can help you do this with its’ step-by-step ‘what to do and when’ roadmap, a breakdown of where things typically go wrong in the onboarding process and a look at how to capture onboarding’s “Holy Grail.”

But why is this all important?

Make a Great Impression with Onboarding

Getting the onboarding experience right is critical for a successful start and also for an extended career. 69% of new employees are likely to stay at a company for three years or more if they have a great onboarding experience.

Unfortunately, many companies see onboarding as having two essential elements:

  • Reviewing policies
  • Completing paperwork

While those are important, they shouldn’t encompass the entire onboarding process. (That they often do could be why a Gallup poll found that only 12% of employees feel their company has a strong onboarding program.)

An onboarding manager needs to make sure that during the process some attention is given to the somewhat intangible aspects of the organization like the company culture, team dynamics, and what career growth looks like.

Onboarding Resources

An onboarding digital toolkit, with an onboarding checklist and other onboarding resources, can be used by an onboarding manager to ensure everything organizationally and culturally are covered in an onboarding process.

Paycor has seen firsthand the difference a successful onboarding program can make to employee morale (and ultimately the company’s bottom line) and with that experience have developed a digital onboarding toolkit that is structured for success. It includes:

  • Pre-Boarding Checklist
    Paycor experts have broken down the onboarding process into four key elements for easy implementation.
  • First-Day Checklist
    First-impressions right? You’ll make a strong one with your new employee with a first day that is structured around engagement.
  • 30, 60, and 90-day Task Sheets
    More than a checklist, these roadmaps can help onboarding be tailored to fit with the unique specifics of your organization.
  • Onboarding Dos and Don’ts
    Sometimes knowing what not to do can be just as important as knowing what steps you should take.
  • The Holy Grail of Onboarding
    Culture is perhaps the missing link between onboarding and career success. Learn how to incorporate your corporate culture into onboarding so that it becomes a part of the new employee’s entire career experience.

Get The Tools You Need For Onboarding

No matter how many employees you’ve onboarded, an onboarding checklist can be a helpful tool for ensuring that the onboarding process is robust and complete. This is particularly important in a fluid work environment that may include the need to onboard remote employees, hybrid employees, employees who are full-time from the start and those who start in a probationary period.

Retain Your Best Employees with a Great Onboarding Process

On the surface, the onboarding process is about teaching employees how to access systems and how to perform tasks. But at its’ core, the onboarding process is about setting new employees up for career success. Tools, like an onboarding checklist, can be a vital guide to an effective onboarding experience which will launch each employee’s potential and set them on the path to productivity in no time.