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19:21 Case Study
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19:21 Consultants Case Study

Paycor brings peace of mind to 19:21 Consultants and top technology to their clients.

“We don’t want to be payroll providers; I don’t have the patience for that. With Paycor’s technology and integrations with different carriers, it’s opened a lot of doors that haven’t been open in the past. We have a better win rate with Paycor.”

J.J. Weeks, 19:21 Consultants co-owner, New Braunfels, Texas


Relationships mean everything and when it came to partnering with an HR and payroll provider, 19:21 Consultants knew their Paycor rep was invested in their success. “It was love at first sight,” Weeks said. “He’s [Paycor rep] not a minion and is empowered to do what’s necessary to help my clients. He legitimately wants the best for the person across the table.”


The owners of 19:21 Consultants position themselves as a true partner for their clients, able to find customized solutions that best fit their needs. When their clients ask about business automation or start expressing frustrations with their current payroll process, they know Paycor can help. “The area in which Paycor’s helped the most is when we’re exiting PEOs,” Weeks said. “Having somebody like Paycor, with all the technology, and a rep that knows his stuff, lets us execute solutions for our clients.”


Paycor’s easy-to-use software and unlimited, automated workflows simplifies the way clients manage time and attendance, onboarding, payroll and more. “I have clients complain about tech not being intuitive, but Paycor’s is,” Weeks said. “You know where to invest in the platform and it makes the experience seamless.”


A key differentiator in deciding to work with Paycor was the fact that they don’t sell health benefits insurance or a PEO. “I love that Paycor just promotes payroll and HR software—and they’re good at it,” Weeks said. “When I introduce my clients to Paycor I know for a fact they’re not going behind my back to try and sell health insurance to them. Retention is an important piece of the puzzle and it’s a cool benefit of working with Paycor.”

Client retention at 19:21 Consultants grew nearly 40% since working with Paycor.