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Patriot Industries Case Study
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Patriot Industries Case Study

206 employees
Paycor products

Patriot Industries Updates its HR & Payroll from Manual to Modern

“We live in a culture where everybody wants instant access to their personal information, and Paycor’s system helps our employees that way.”

Stephanie Wallen, HR, Patriot Industries

Partnership with Paycor

Patriot Industries is a contractor for the Department of Defense, making items such as dry suits for the U.S. military. Stephanie Wallen wears many hats at the company, including managing HR for 200+ employees. Patriot is a long-time Paycor customer, dating back to 2007, when they switched from a manual system to a digital method of managing time, payroll, and employee records. Stephanie started working at Patriot in 2013, so her career has grown with the system.

Benefits of Paycor

Stephanie is confident that anytime she reaches out to Paycor, her issues will be quickly resolved, and finding information in the Paycor knowledgebase is simple. Patriot’s employees use the mobile app to check their hours and that employee self-sufficiency makes Stephanie’s life much easier. Paycor’s robust webinar series is another plus.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Custom reporting
  • Robust customer webinar program
  • Efficient, helpful customer service
  • Mobile app

Stephanie Wallen of Patriot Industries is a fan of Paycor’s ease of use.

Self-Service Mobile App

Employees can easily see their paystubs and PTO balances and request time off without relying on HR.

Modern Technology

When an employee doesn’t clock in, they’re highlighted in the system so there’s no more searching through every timecard to find out who forgot.

Customizable Reports

Paycor’s reports aren’t generic and can be customized to the manufacturing industry. Not having to sift through useless data saves a tremendous amount of time.

“If something works, and you know it’s a great product you want to stick with, if it’s not broke don’t fix it!”

– Stephanie Wallen