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Alesig Consulting Case Study
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Workforce Management

Alesig Consulting Case Study

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Alesig partners with Paycor to customize the end-user experience for each of its government contracts.

“The biggest efficiency of the recruiting tool: employee information is automatically transferred from offer letter to background check and then kept when a person becomes a new hire. The information was all right there! Sending the offer letters through the system was also nice – something I hadn’t seen prior.”

Joseph Walker, Director of Operations

Prior to Paycor

Alesig Consulting is an IT organization and government contractor that develops software and mobile applications. Because Alesig is often awarded government contracts for paratransit programs, the team needed more customization options for employees than its PEO could provide. Prior to Paycor, Director of Operations Joseph Walker was unsatisfied with the lack of control over benefits offerings and cost increases; the disjointed recruiting and onboarding solution; and needing to use a third party to run employee engagement surveys. Not only did they need customization, but a fully integrated solution. After evaluating a number of providers, Joseph chose Paycor for its ability to customize the end-user’s experience.

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  • Lack of flexibility
  • Lack of customization for government contract requirements
  • Unreliable customer service
  • Separate outdated systems

With Paycor

Alesig can now customize payroll information to fit the needs of each contract. The team can formulate pay codes that make sense to their employees without relying on customer service. The integration of Recruiting and HR makes hiring much easier for Alesig. Hiring with multiple approvers is more streamlined and once hired, the approved candidates’ information automatically populates in the HR application. Using Paycor’s Payroll and HR solutions, Joseph can now identify tax credit opportunities. It is also easier to gauge employee engagement and gather feedback. Pulse surveys are easy to build, distribute and analyze. And, because they come from Paycor, a name employees recognize, they are more likely to take them.

Solutions & Key Features

  • User-friendly streamlined software
  • Easy to identify WOTC tax credit opportunities
  • Customizable interface for varying government contract requirements
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The ability to customize the end-user’s experience brought Alesig to Paycor.


Every government contract has different requirements. Paycor’s flexibility enables Alesig to customize the end-user experience for each government contract. The flexibility in Recruiting also enables the team to update job descriptions.

Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)

Alesig’s previous vendor was not integrated, which meant they previously missed out on tax credit opportunities. Paycor’s integrated solution now helps the company identify Work Opportunity Tax Credits for eligible individuals.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement surveys now come from a name that employees recognize. Paycor Pulse provides continuity from building surveys to analytics. Joseph can even text questions to employees. Executive insights provide the team with the information needed to make informed decisions.

“The checks and balances that Paycor Recruiting has in place are fantastic. For government contracts, there are a lot of hands in the pot. HR, PM, client – so the ability to add others outside the organization is helpful.”