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Baker Concrete Construction Society Case Study
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Baker Concrete Construction Society Case Study

Industry: Construction
# of Employees 6,700
Paycor Solution: Payroll

Baker Concrete Construction switched to Paycor to reduce the complexity of payroll and tax filings

“I’m very fortunate to have the staff that I do because my managers are outstanding. People can’t believe how fast we do our payroll.”

Karen Cole, Corporate Payroll Director


Baker Concrete Construction has had a hand in building everything from NFL stadiums to beach resorts. With 19 companies and 6,700 employees who work across multiple jurisdictions, the organization’s payroll is highly complex. Corporate payroll director Karen Cole and her team of 13 used to spend hours in the evenings and on weekends making sure timecard information matched their data and that tax calculations were correct prior to each payrun.

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Payroll Pain Point

  • Multiple tax entities
  • Manual child support and wage garnishment

Partnership with Paycor

With the switch to Paycor, Baker has completely turned over the management of its complicated payroll taxes, improving their internal workflow process, reducing overtime, and giving Karen and her team time back to focus on other goals. And since Paycor’s tax tables are updated every time a state or jurisdiction makes a change, Karen and her team no longer have to worry about incorrect tax calculations and potential penalties.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Automatic tax table updates
  • Automated child support and wage garnishment
  • Payroll data reporting
  • Consistent customer support
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“Paycor’s payroll system has really improved our workflow and greatly reduced the amount of time we spend running our payrolls.”

– Karen Cole, Corporate Payroll Director