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CareVet LLC Case Study
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Talent Management

CareVet LLC


A Paycor and AssuredPartners of Missouri Success Story: CareVet LLC

A partnership focused on sharing strategic insights and constant communication helped position Paycor’s HCM platform as the winning choice for CareVet LLC.

The Intro Moment

CareVet was on their way to signing with a competitor but stopped to listen when they heard Paycor had a partnership with AssuredPartners of Missouri, their employee benefits broker. AssuredPartners not only gave Paycor a strong endorsement, but also provided detailed information about CareVet’s current HCM struggles so we knew how to position our products and what problems we could help them solve.

Partnership Approach

Consultative Process

The information and details AssuredPartners provided about CareVet gave Paycor a running start in the discovery phase. We knew what questions to ask, what problems they were experiencing, and what CareVet was looking for in an HCM partner.

Uncover Unique Needs

Our partnership with AssuredPartners showed CareVet how we are uniquely positioned to accommodate their plans for future growth and support a model designed for rapid expansion, increasing from 600+ employees to 2,000 by the end of 2021.

Best-in-Class Technology

As a data-focused company, CareVet prioritized the need for a simple and streamlined way to gather their key internal metrics and integrate with their business platforms. They needed a recruiting and onboarding solution that was efficient and easy to use, reporting and analytics that provided actionable insights and an accurate time and workforce management platform.

A Partnership Win

By maintaining constant communication with AssuredPartners about CareVet’s continued growth and increased needs, we’ve landed on another opportunity to support even more of CareVet’s business. In addition, Paycor and AssuredPartners of Missouri continue to meet on a regular cadence to discuss new prospects with key HR, benefits and payroll problems that could become viable opportunities.