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Western Michigan Case Study
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Workforce Management

Senior Resources of West Michigan case study


A Paycor and Blackbaud Success Story: Senior Resources of West Michigan

“We have multiple grant funding sources, so it’s really important that we’re able to have our payroll allocations properly configured in Paycor. Through the integration between Paycor and Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT, we know what’s available in our general ledger at any point in time—it’s an accurate reflection of those allocated payroll costs.”

Steve Canum, CFO, Senior Resources of West Michigan

Prior to Paycor

When Blackbaud announced they were eliminating their payroll app, Senior Resources of West Michigan knew they needed to find another provider. They wanted a partner who helped them reduce their carbon footprint, integrated seamlessly with Blackbaud and offered robust solutions that served a remote workforce. Paycor checked all of those boxes.


Partnership with Paycor

Consultative Process:
Paycor’s consultative approach ensured SRWM received all the necessary solutions to streamline business operations. The Paycor rep was able to uncover SRWM’s unique needs and offered an extended marketplace of integration partners and product experts in order to meet those needs and address any questions.

Seamless Integrations:
With the integration and ability to use T-Codes to track employee IDs in Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT, a cloud fund accounting solution, SRWM can enter employee data in Paycor and have that data flow to their accounting solution for further reporting from a financial standpoint.

Modern Technology:
As an organization, SRWM wanted to take a more environmentally friendly stance by minimizing their carbon footprint and consumption of paper. Paycor removed the burden of maintaining physical records and streamlined a once lengthy process by eliminating the need for manual data entry and verification. Paycor’s platform also helps SRWM onboard and retain an entirely remote workforce.

“It’s a total solution. From the moment we’re looking to fill a position to the moment an employee leaves, the Paycor suite of products helps us in all areas. It helps behind the scenes, from a desktop or mobile device. I like the fact when people go to our website, they just click the link and fill out an application. It reduces redundancy and errors, which happens when we have to enter items multiple times. And now that we’re all working remote, I’m really glad we have a solution like this.”

Steve Canum, CFO, Senior Resources of West Michigan