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Case Study: Consolidated Burgers
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Consolidated Burgers


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Onboarding, Payroll, HR

Paycor’s single source of truth for employee data helps Consolidated Burgers streamline HR processes and eliminate employee confusion.

“We had almost no control over our payroll processes with our previous provider. We were constantly waiting for them to deliver the data we needed to complete payroll. Today, Paycor empowers us to process payroll accurately and on time—and they’re always by our side if we need a quick answer.”

Angela Marnett, Payroll & Benefits Coordinator

Prior to Paycor

Consolidated Burger—a group of 62 Burger King franchises—struggled with disconnected HR software for payroll, onboarding and reporting, which caused numerous HR and business challenges. For example, incomplete new hire information led to payroll processing delay. The HR admin was then forced to track down the employee and their manager to resolve the issue, which often led to days of back and forth without resolution. In the restaurant industry, employees are constantly being onboarded. And with more than 1,400 associates, maintaining accurate employee information through technology that didn’t communicate was a nightmare.

Having franchises across multiple state—with only one HR leader—was too difficult to manage without a single source of truth for all employee data. That’s when they turned to Paycor.


  • Payroll errors
  • Incorrect employee information
  • Disconnected software

Partnership with Paycor

Paycor Payroll, Onboarding and HR combine all employee information into one system. Today, employees are responsible for entering their information before being hired, so it removes the burden from HR to ensure the accuracy of the data. Streamlining this process allows employees to focus on training from day one. Now when new hires are onboarded, they’re officially in the system and they can be paid right away. If a new hire needs to complete their profile, or update information, Angela can ping them directly through the system to complete a task — eliminating the back and forth, while minimizing frustration for everyone.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Automated processes
  • Accurate payroll
  • Single source of truth for all employee data

Paycor HR

All employee data lives in one place and employees can easily update personal information, view check stubs, request time off and more.

Paycor Onboarding

The automated experience provides new hires with important policies and documentation that they can view and sign before their first day. And because they’re empowered to enter their own information, Paycor Onboarding eliminates the back and forth between hiring managers.

Paycor Knows the Restaurant Industry

Paycor provides the technology and expertise that restaurants need to focus on what matters most—their customers.

247,000 Restaurant Employees Paid

4,100 Restaurant Clients

Consolidated Burger partners with Paycor to streamline processes, manage employees and increase efficiencies.

“Now when someone’s hired, I don’t have to track and manage the new hire’s information in three different systems. Everything I need is right at my fingertips in Paycor Onboarding.”

Angela Marnett, Payroll & Benefits Coordinator

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