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Jordan Ford Case Study
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Workforce Management

Jordan Ford Case Study

automotive industry
231 employees
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How Jordan Ford slashed payroll processing time by coming back to Paycor

I can quickly enter our technicians’ flat hours for the week, plus any bonuses, and they automatically get mapped into the payroll. I’ve never seen it mapped incorrectly; it saves me so much time.

Cynthia Saucedo, HR/Payroll, Jordan Ford, Ltd.

Prior to Paycor

San Antonio, Tex.-based Jordan Ford was a previous Paycor customer that switched to another provider. The provider’s promises didn’t match the reality of what they could deliver, so Jordan came back to Paycor.

The company has three pay groups with six pay frequencies, complicating payday for their 230-plus employees. When payroll specialist Cynthia Saucedo ran payroll with their previous provider, she didn’t trust the data. It required three different sub payroll runs—one for techs, one for hourly, one for salary—to import everything into the larger payroll, leaving much room for error.

With an HR team of two, the company needed a reliable, more efficient way to process their payroll.

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  • Complex pay groups & frequencies
  • Small HR department
  • Lack of full 401(k) integration
  • Inefficient company communications

Partnership with Paycor

Since switching back to Paycor, Jordan Ford now finds payroll quicker and easier, saving Cynthia three to five hours each week that she can use to focus elsewhere. “I really love that, at the end of every payroll, the system tells you what deductions were picked up. So, I just print that, save it for my next payroll, and easily retro-collect the deductions that need to be taken next time.”

Paycor’s 401(k) integration, something the previous provider promised was 360° and wasn’t, is also a favorite feature. It removes liability away from the customer, making audits pain-free.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Accurate, on-time payroll
  • Real-time payroll calculations
  • Streamlined recruiting & hiring
  • 360° 401(k) integration
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Needing a more dependable payroll provider, Jordan Ford looked to Paycor.

Perfected Payroll

Paycor’s intuitive and easy-to-use payroll platform makes inaccuracies easy to catch and the entire process as effortless as possible for Cynthia.

Seamless Integration

Paycor’s 360° 401(k) integration provides a unified system that automatically connects and updates retirement information, reducing the burden of plan administration.

Company News

Many of the dealership’s employees don’t have company email but everyone has to clock in and out. Company news and announcements are posted front and center next to the timeclock so information is readily available to all employees.

“I love Paycor Recruiting! I can see the job offers I have pending and all of the candidates I have in the pipeline. It’s a great feature!”

Cynthia Saucedo, HR/Payroll