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CLEAN Cause Case Study
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Employee Experience

CLEAN Cause Case Study

Industry - manufacturing
75 Employees
Payroll, Time, and HR Solutions

CLEAN Cause trusts Paycor to support their HR department of one

“With the mobile app, I get fewer employee questions about how to login, how to ask for time off, how to find W-2s. It’s simple, and it’s easier for me because it’s easier for them!”

Cortney Hollinger, HR Director

Prior to Paycor

Austin, Tex.-based CLEAN Cause is a beverage company with a mission to support addiction recovery by donating 50% of their net profits. To date they have granted over 3,000 sober living scholarships, representing more than $1,500,000. Cortney Hollinger is the company’s HR department of one. In the past, processing a normal payrun could take hours, and bonus pays would take even longer with multiple phone calls, batch processing wait times, and approvals needed. The company also experienced frequent customer service turnover and the resulting lack of support from their previous vendor. 

person running payroll from laptop


  • Inadequate customer support
  • One-person HR department
  • Time-consuming processes
  • Cumbersome hiring and onboarding

Partnership with Paycor

After switching to Paycor, Cortney has greatly reduced the time it takes to process payroll, turning hours into minutes. The company is in heavy growth mode, so Paycor Recruiting (our applicant tracking system) has been a big time-saver as well. Cortney can view the status of all job postings, pass them on to managers for review, and even schedule interviews within the system.

And with Paycor Analytics automated reports for actions such as hiring and turnover, business planning has become a breeze for the company’s data-driven leadership team.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Simple implementation
  • Chat help functionality
  • Intuitive applicant tracking system
  • Easy, fast payroll
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Industry-leading customer service and support for this one-person HR department brought CLEAN Cause to Paycor.

Paycor Recruiting

Paycor’s applicant tracking system enables Cortney to quickly add job postings to all major job boards with the click of a button. HR and hiring managers can see precisely where every candidate is in the hiring process.

Payroll in Minutes

Make adjustments, review changes and process payroll easier. When timecards are approved, employees’ hours populate the pay grid, meaning a huge reduction in time spent importing data.

Online Chat Support

Send a text and get an answer right away, no more time wasted waiting on hold. Live chat functionality with Paycor advocates (NOT a chatbot) provides instant support.

“I’m a one-person HR department, and the applicant tracking system’s automation gives me so much bandwidth back in my day.”

Cortney Hollinger