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K&B Industries Case Study
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Workforce Management

K&B Industries Case Study

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K&B Industries HR Solutions

Paycor’s best-in-class implementation and customer service provides an amazing experience for K&B Industries.

“With our previous HR & Payroll provider, EEO-1 reporting wasn’t included in our package. Because I did manual reporting for 400+ employees, it took me almost an entire week to get it done. With Paycor, our EEO-1 reporting is finished after only a few clicks.”

Kristy Bonvillain, HR Manager

Prior to Paycor

K&B Industries needed an HCM provider that could automate their payroll and HR processes. Unfortunately, they were oversold by their previous provider.  

Implementation was such a nightmare that K&B Industries was issued a refund. To make matters worse, their time and payroll solution didn’t communicate well. To start the payroll process, HR Manager Kristy Bonvillain had to upload employee timesheets into payroll—but the software was slow and took hours to complete. And once payroll was submitted, she had to wait days to receive the General Ledger report. When Kristy needed customer support, they were unresponsive.  

K&B Industries realized they were just another number. That’s when they turned to Paycor for help.

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  • Manual EEO-1 reporting
  • Poor customer service
  • General ledger reports were late
  • Unprofessional implementation experience

With Paycor

Kristy was blown away by Paycor’s implementation experience. Her solutions were set up quickly and accurately and her implementation team answered all her important questions.

Today, employee hours are easily uploaded to Payroll. The entire payroll process takes a quarter of the time it used to, and K&B Industries receives their General Ledger report almost instantly, not days after processing payroll. And because EEO-1 reporting is automated, Kristy gets an entire week back to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Automated EEO-1 reporting  
  • Best-in-class implementation
  • Proactive, responsive customer service
payroll solutions for manufacturing

Paycor Payroll saves K&B Industries 8+ hours of work each week. K&B Industries partners with Paycor to streamline processes, manage employees and increase productivity.

Paycor Payroll

Paycor’s intuitive and easy-to-use software makes inaccuracies easy to catch and the entire process as effortless as possible for Kristy.


Should an issue arise, employee data is just a few clicks away. Standard reports like EEO-1 are already created to help Kristy save time and deliver reports to government agencies.

“Paycor took the time to familiarize themselves with our business and understand our unique challenges. So, if I run into challenges, I know they have experts that can help!”

Kristy Bonvillain, HR Manager