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Case Study: LaRosa's
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HR + Payroll

LaRosa’s Pizzeria

LaRosa's has 1,100 employees.

“We had the best implementation team! Our manager took control and let us know exactly what was needed and answered any sort of questions that we had very quickly.”

Rebecca Wyer, HR Manager

Prior to Paycor

With 9 corporate-owned locations, a bakery, and a guest services center, Cincinnati-based LaRosa’s Pizzeria onboards 10–12 new hires each week. HR Manager, Rebecca Weyer, would spend hours entering employee data into multiple spreadsheets. Many candidates were also eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). But the process with their earlier provider was so cumbersome, LaRosa’s stopped WOTC entirely, leaving money on the table.


  • Too many spreadsheets
  • Poor customer service
  • Multiple locations
  • Time-consuming data entry

Partnership with Paycor

After going live with Paycor in January 2022, LaRosa’s has seen significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy. They resumed WOTC, and their verifications are now done automatically and integrated with their payroll system. Onboarding is much faster, and employees are fans of using the Paycor app to check their PTO balances and access paystubs without involving HR, freeing up time for Rebecca to focus more on strategy.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Electronic data system
  • Answers in minutes
  • One-stop shop for data
  • All files in one place

“Sometimes reports would take me days, but now I can just pull up the data right away; the information is literally at my fingertips”

– Rebecca Wyer

Watch this video to hear their story.