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Peerless Products Case Study
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Employee Experience

Peerless Manufacturing Case Study

Industry - manufacturing
310 employees
Solution. payroll, time, learning, HR, benefit advisor, talent

Peerless Manufacturing partners with Paycor to improve service and move off homegrown software

“When we had two systems, I had to enter data in our internal system and then turn right back around and enter it again on paper. Having everything feed from one platform has been the biggest impact.”

Abby Morrell, Staff Accountant

Prior to Paycor

Since 1952, Peerless Products has manufactured high-performance aluminum architectural and commercial windows and doors for new construction, replacement, and historical construction. Before switching to Paycor, staff accountant Abby Morrell had grown unhappy with their previous provider’s customer service, and her company’s homegrown HR system needed updating. And HR manager, Karen Contreras, spent days getting new employees onboarded. The company needed a solution that would reduce duplicate data entry and make everyone more efficient.

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  • Poor customer service
  • Manual, time-consuming processes
  • Homegrown HR & time solutions
  • Excessive duplicate entry

Partnership with Paycor

Peerless switched to Paycor’s payroll solution in 2009 when they became dissatisfied with their previous vendor’s customer service. They used a homegrown HR and time solution that was maintained by an in-house IT team and served them well at the time.

Today, instead of spending days on manual processes, deciphering handwritten onboarding forms, and chasing down approvals on timecards, Abby and Karen have cut their time down to hours or even minutes.

Onboarding is quick and organized, and duplicate data entry has been completely eliminated. Employees can manage a lot of the tasks that payroll and HR were handling by using self-service.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Simplified onboarding
  • Employee self service
  • Automated PTO approvals
  • Single platform
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Time savings, ease of use, and eliminated duplicate data entry brought Peerless Products to Paycor.

DIY with Self Service

Employees have control over their information. Address changes, benefits elections, and time can be entered without HR or payroll lifting a finger.

No more duplicate data entry

The company’s custom-built HR and time solution met their needs for years, but entering data in multiple locations was a time-waster. Now, inputting employee data once saves hours for payroll, open enrollment and onboarding.

Anytime Access

Paycor’s mobile app is also a huge boon for their employees. With the majority of their employees working in the manufacturing facility or out in the field, having a mobile app was a must. Regardless of where they are, employees can easily clock in and out, view their paystubs, and can take care of their HR and benefits needs anywhere and anytime.

“Having our time system on Paycor gives our employees the ability to look at PTO and their timecards without involving HR or payroll. They can do all of that on their own, which is a huge time saver.”

Karen Contreas, Human Resources