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Tobacco Tech Case Study
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Talent Acquisition

Tobacco Tech Case Study

Industry - manufacturing
58 employees
Solution - payroll, time, learning, hr

Tobacco Tech trusts Paycor to support their HR department of one

“Previously, payroll would take me an hour. I can get both of my companies done in 15 minutes! I can’t sing Paycor’s praises enough!

Lisa Taylor, HR Director

Prior to Paycor

Tobacco Technology, Inc. is a family-owned tobacco flavoring business based in Maryland. In 2021, the company was in growth mode and needed to implement a learning management system to help document mandatory trainings to maintain their SQF and ISO-9001 certifications. Their previous vendor’s offering was too expensive and not user friendly so HR director, Lisa Taylor, began the search for a new provider. Being an HR department of one meant that efficiency and ease-of-use were high on Lisa’s list of requirements.

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  • Lack of formal learning management system
  • Time-consuming processes
  • Systems not user-friendly
  • HR department of one

Partnership with Paycor

Within six months of selecting Paycor, Tobacco Technology was live with not only a new LMS, but also payroll, HR, applicant tracking system, and time & attendance. After switching to Paycor, Lisa has slashed the time it takes to process payroll. And electronic workflow improvements mean eliminating costly data entry errors.  

The company’s SQS and ISO-9001 certifications means they’re held to rigorous standards when it comes to quality control and training. In the event of an audit, their new LMS gives them a repository and quick report showing who’s completed which training and when it was completed.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Easy implementation
  • Self-guided employee training
  • Excellent customer service
  • Simple, fast payroll
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Support and service for an HR department of one brought Tobacco Technology to Paycor.

Pain-Free Payroll

With regular payroll plus two bonus runs a year, running payroll with their previous vendor took hours. With Paycor, all Lisa has to do is just click the boxes and payroll’s done in 15 minutes.

User-Friendly LMS

Uploading the company’s mandatory trainings to the LMS is easy to do. And employees can take trainings on their own time.  

Applicant Tracking System

Tobacco Technology is in growth mode and employees are hard to find. Paycor’s ATS enables  managers and HR to see where candidates are in the hiring process so top candidates don’t fall through the cracks.

“My implementation coordinator told me to watch training videos before we even had the system in place, which was great because I felt like I knew the system when I first logged in.”

Lisa Taylor