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Plains Commerce Bank Case Study
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Benefits Administration

Plains Commerce Bank Case Study


Paycor’s helps Plains Commerce Bank simplify and automate employee onboarding and open enrollment.  

“Paycor’s customer community—The CORner—is a very valuable tool! I can network with other HR leaders, find solutions to industry challenges, learn more about my Paycor solutions and access thought leadership content that helps me continue to grow in my career.”

Lance Hubert, HR Technology Specialist

Prior to Paycor

Plains Commerce Bank relied on manual processes for a number of HR tasks including onboarding, open enrollment and performance reviews.  HR typically spent two hours walking new hires through benefits information, policies and procedures.  Employees often struggled to understand their benefits options which resulted in constant questions from employees during open enrollment.   When it was time for performance reviews, feedback was captured through excel documents and then manually uploaded to each employee’s profile. Finally, information captured during exit interviews was tracked via paper forms making it difficult to analyze any potential turnover trends.   



  • Manual onboarding
  • Paper-based open enrollment  
  • Recruiting
  • Employee turnover

Partnership with Paycor

After selecting Paycor, Plains Commerce Bank has significantly improved the onboarding process thanks to new technology. New hires can review documents before their first day, saving the bank more than 330 hours annually.

With Paycor’s Benefits Advisor, employees can see detailed breakdowns of benefits plans and make more confident choices. And with self-service, they can access their own information without involving HR. This has drastically reduced the back and forth between HR and employees. Topping it off, Paycor HR eliminates the confusion around performance reviews by offering 360-degree feedback and a single source of truth for all employee information—online exit interviews can also be completed and stored on employee profiles.

Capturing exit interviews is not longer an issue. Paycor HR offers one convenient place to store and access employee information.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Automated onboarding and open enrollment
  • 360-Degree performance reviews
  • Single location to store exit interviews
  • Employee self-service

Time Savings

By automating the onboarding process, Plains Commerce Bank saves more than 330 hours of administrative work—that’s 8+ weeks of time savings.

Plains Commerce Bank partners with Paycor to streamline processes, manage employees and increase efficiencies.

Paycor Onboarding   

Lance—and other business leaders—can engage new hires right away and dramatically reduce paperwork with Paycor Onboarding. Admins no longer spend time printing and chasing down employee paperwork. Employees complete their information and HR tracks new hire documents in one online solution.

Paycor Benefits Advisor

Paycor’s Open Enrollment Wizard guides Lance step-by-step through the design, set-up and execution of benefits selection. Plus, employee self-service allows employees to easily adjust their profiles for major life events that trigger workflows through the platform.

The CORner

Paycor’s exclusive customer community, The CORner, allows Lance to get first access to new products and features, make recommendations for product updates and network with other HR leaders.