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How Paycor’s Customer Sandbox Eliminates Guesswork
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Together Credit Union Case Study

Industry: Professional Services
Employees: 428
Solutions: Payroll, Recruiting, HR, Time, LMS

The Essential Testing Environment: How Paycor’s Customer Sandbox Eliminates Guesswork

“Having the test environment within the Customer Sandbox is vital. It’s empowering to have the tools to figure things out on our own.”

Kristin Patterson, HRIS Analyst, Together Credit Union

Prior to Paycor

Together Credit Union serves more than 130,000+ members and nearly 430 employees across the Midwest. Prior to Paycor, the HRIS analyst, Kristin Patterson, relied on guesswork and constant payroll support calls. She struggled to manage pay rates and lacked the capability to conduct tests before implementing payroll changes. The inefficient process caused disruption and led to errors.


  • Inefficient pay rate management
  • Inability to conduct test runs
  • Heavy reliance on support calls
  • Limited self-service options

Partnership with Paycor

With Paycor’s Customer Sandbox, Kristin has access to a valuable test environment to conduct test runs, manage pay rates, and confidently implement changes without the need for continuous support. The invaluable tool has helped eliminate guesswork and allows Kristin to make changes without impacting company data.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Customer Sandbox test environment
  • Ability to make changes without impacting actual data
  • Reduced dependence on support
  • Enhanced self-service capabilities