How Paycor Can Help Your Business Today and Tomorrow
How Paycor Can Help Your Business Today and Tomorrow

How Paycor Can Help Your Business Today and Tomorrow

Stay Ahead of the Curve

At no additional cost, we’re keeping our clients aware of changes and automatically updating our products every day with the latest tax, compliance and federal, state and local relief programs.

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Stay Current with Fast-Changing Tax & Compliance

  • Paycor anticipates changes: As soon as FFCRA legislation was passed, we were ready and quickly gave clients instructions on how to make changes to payroll earning codes.

  • Paycor automatically updates your platform: Clients never worry about falling behind because we make product updates every day to keep organizations compliant.

  • Paycor streamlines PPP reporting: To help clients apply for a Paycheck Protection Program loan, we gave them the ability to quickly run all relevant reports. Some lenders are now requiring different data to apply for a loan, and so we continually update our reporting functionality.

  • Paycor is helping leaders navigate the crisis: Our COVID-19 Command Center delivers instant insights to help you keep employees safe and anticipate and plan for how coronavirus will affect your business now and in the future.

  • Visit Paycor’s Coronavirus Support Center for SMB Leaders: Paycor is committed to providing SMB leaders daily support and updates throughout the COVID-19 situation. For expert advice on crisis management strategies, compliance, employee safety, finance and more, bookmark this page.

Schedule & Pay Employees Remotely

  • Online & Mobile Punching: Allow employees to punch in and out every day through a web-based solution or through Paycor Mobile.

  • Scheduling: Manage employee schedules while allowing them to communicate with each other through Team Chat. Employees can communicate and swap shifts if needed.

  • Paperless Payroll: Run payroll and receive all of your important reports electronically.

  • Direct Deposit: Pay employees without sending them a physical paystub.

  • Document Acknowledgement: Share, sign and store all company policies and documents electronically.

Manage Teams Remotely

  • Push Notifications via Mobile: Send push notifications to your employees and make company alerts available in Paycor Mobile.

  • Onboarding: Hire employees electronically, including allowing them to complete their I-9, W-4 and sign company documents online.

  • Asset Tracking: Track all company assets your employees are taking home as they work remotely.

  • Time Off Requests: Allow employees to request time off through Paycor Mobile. They can select accrual reasons to ensure you get the proper tracking for tax credits related to the Coronavirus Response Act.

  • Learning Management: Train and educate employees on best practices and ways to operate remotely through an online learning solution. You can create your own trainings or leverage our library of pre-built trainings.

  • FMLA Tracking: Track employee FMLA through a core HR solution with one single source of truth for all employee data.

  • Unemployment Claim Support: Paycor partners with HireTech to provide unemployment support, including an initial review, administration of claims, audit of benefit charges, and management of unemployment taxes and claims.

Get Expert Advice Anytime You Need It

  • Live Chat with an HR Professional: Connect one-on-one with a certified HR professional to discuss your organizations COVID-19 challenges and get the advice you need.

  • HR Support Center: Leverage an online COVID-19 resource center with FAQs, templates and policies.

Make Decisions Based on Instant, Actionable Data

  • Customizable Analytics: Build your own HR dashboards related to COVID-19 that can be shared with other leaders in your organization.

  • Custom & Standard Reporting: Leverage a library of pre-built reports or build your own reports that have the information your organization needs.

  • Custom Fields: Track any additional information you need, including Remote Workers, by creating your own custom fields.

  • Compensation Analytics: Dive deeper into employee compensation by department, location, manager and more.

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