How To Identify And Train New Managers
How To Identify And Train New Managers

How To Identify And Train New Managers

Being promoted to a managing position is a big deal, but often new managers are unprepared for their new job or unsure how it will be different than their previous position. We asked Paycor’s senior HR business partner, Lauren Ammon, to talk about how to identify employees with managerial potential and how to train employees to become managers to ensure they succeed in their new role.

Qualities of Good Managers

While they may vary depending on the department, the following managerial qualities are vital for succeeding in any management position, and often come up as trouble spots for those new to leadership roles.

  1. Managers Need Ability To Relinquish Control to Employees:
    One of the top qualities in a manager is the ability to effectively delegate tasks to their associates. Make sure managers are aware that their job is no longer just about their own work, but helping get the best work from all their associates.
  2. Understanding Of The Big Picture:
    Managers must understand the way that their own team fits within the structure of the company and how they interact with other departments in order to move towards the company’s goals.
  3. Critical Thinking:
    Another important quality for managers is to be able to make connections beyond what’s directly in front of them. By thinking critically they are able solve problems on a bigger scale than they would previously have been asked to attempt.
  4. Communication Between Managers And Employees
    A key component of stellar management is being able to relate to associates on an individual level. Different associates each have different ways that they best receive information, criticism, and praise; understanding these differences and reacting to them helps facilitate better communication.
  5. Self-Awareness:
    Managers must understand their own communication style and the areas in which they excel or struggle. Only with this sense of self-awareness can managers continuously strive towards creating the best team possible.

How To Train New Managers

The good news is that most people are promoted to management because they are recognized for their results-driven attitude and ability to build relationships, which are vital to possessing these top managerial qualities. Oftentimes however, new managers have room to improve on some or all of these five top qualities. Here are three steps to transitioning associates into managerial roles:

  1. Focus On The Important Leadership Qualities
    A vital first step to helping managers be the best they can be is deciding what skills and behaviors are the most important for the company’s leaders.

  2. Structured Learning For Managers
    Set up a way to convey these attributes to employees, whether through face-to-face meetings, a one-pager or an online learning course. It’s important to make the attitudes and behaviors that are expected of managers clear.

  3. Follow-up:
    Ensuring continuous application and development of the company’s most valued skills is essential to keeping them implemented. With checkpoints, evaluations or follow-ups, managers can continue developing their abilities and reach their potential.
Making sure managers are aligned with company goals and performing their best makes employees happy and business smoother. With these simple steps, you can help your managers reach their full potential.

Check out our article about tips on how to identify managers when you're recruiting, or contact a Paycor representative to see how we can help with your HR needs.

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