Paycor Echo Allows Hiring Professionals to Drive Recruiting with Email
Paycor Echo

Paycor Echo Allows Hiring Professionals to Drive Recruiting with Email

Bypass the ATS with Echo

Our idea: Simple tasks should only take seconds. With Paycor Recruiting’s Echo feature, people can change the status of candidates, capture interview feedback, and approve jobs and offers using email—no login required.

At Paycor we’re always looking to make hiring simpler, smarter, and safer. Echo is the simple and smart answer to busy hiring managers and executives that don’t have time to log in to their applicant tracking system. With Echo, your managers keep the recruiting system up-to-date just by responding to email.

How does Echo work?

There are two parts to an Echo response: the Comment and the Command. When someone replies to an Echo email it is saved as a comment on the job or candidate. Recipients also may include “command tags” in their reply (optional). These command tags (#approve, #deny, #phonescreen, #interview, #private) ask Paycor Recruiting to take action on the recipient’s behalf.

List of Commands

Commands can be placed anywhere in the response as long as they are above the line that says “please put your response above this line”.

  • #phonescreen commands Paycor Recruiting to change the candidate to “Schedule a Phone Screen”
  • #interview commands Paycor Recruiting to change the candidate to “Schedule an Interview”
  • #approve commands Paycor Recruiting to “Approve this Job/Offer”
  • #deny commands Paycor Recruiting to “Deny this Job/Offer”
  • #private commands Paycor Recruiting to store your response as a private comment. This can be used in conjunction with any other status.

At this time there is not a “Pass” command. For OFCCP compliance someone needs to choose a Reason for Non-Selection when passing on candidates. Replying #pass would not keep our customers in compliance, so we have not implemented this command.

Commands in Action…

Example 1: Mark Manager receives a Review Request email and wants to phone screen the candidate.

One of your recruiters sent Mark and Review Request email. Mark thinks the candidate looks good and wants his recruiter to schedule a phone screen, here’s how:

Mark Responds:

This candidate looks great. Please #phonescreen right away.

Example 2: April Approver receives an Offer Approval Request and wants to Deny it

Let’s say April thinks the salary is too high for this candidate. Denying the offer is easy….

April Responds:

#deny (this salary is way over budget)

Example 3: Frank Feedback is asked to provide feedback after a Phone Screen.

Frank Phone Screened one of your candidates at 4PM yesterday. Based on your settings, Paycor asked Frank for feedback at 5PM the same day. Frank liked the person and wants you to schedule an interview.

Frank Response:

This candidate was really great. Let’s bring him in for a round of interviews with the team.


Special Considerations…

You can send an Echo email to anyone, even people that are not Paycor Recruiting users.

For example, if you request interview feedback from non-users their responses will still be saved to Paycor Recruiting.

Commands from non-users will be ignored.

Only Paycor Recruiting users can execute commands. So, if you send a non-user a Review Request and they respond with #phonescreen, Paycor Recruiting will ignore the command.

Redundant Commands will be ignored.

Paycor Recruiting will ignore commands that would have no effect.

Some examples of commands that would be ignored (this is not a complete list):

  • #interview when the candidate is in the “schedule interview” stage
  • #phonescreen when the candidate is already in the “schedule phone” screen stage.
  • #approve for a job that has already been approved.

Commands that move a candidate or job backwards in the process are ignored.

Paycor Recruiting is going to err on the side of safety and ignore commands that might have deleterious effects. As such, Paycor Recruiting will not move a candidate backwards in the process and will not close jobs that have already been activated.

Some examples of commands that would be ignored (this is not a complete list):

  • #phonescreen when the candidate is in the interview stage will be ignored
  • #interview or #phonescreen for a candidate in the offer stage will be ignored
  • #deny for a job or offer that has already been approved will be ignored

Approval and Denial of Jobs/Offers can be commanded only by Approvers.

Let’s say you cc: a Paycor Recruiting User on a Job Approval Request but they are not one of the job’s approvers. If this person responds with #approve or #deny Paycor Recruiting will ignore that command (i.e. the response will be saved as a comment in the job’s history, but the action will be ignored).

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