Paycor’s streamlined HR and Payroll solutions coupled with a flexible Recruiting platform impressed Taste Buds Management
Taste Buds

Paycor’s streamlined HR and Payroll solutions coupled with a flexible Recruiting platform impressed Taste Buds Management

Taste Buds Restaurant Industry
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Taste Buds Paycor Solutions

Pandemic Response

Paycor’s immediate product updates in response to new coronavirus legislation helped Michelle stay compliant and keep track of employees. “From a technical standpoint, being able to put someone on furlough in the system was great,” she said. “You created custom codes – that makes a big difference. Before it was either you’re hired or you’re not. Now, I’ll be able to sort these specific dates and it will help me make more informed decisions.”

“We didn’t know how to handle COVID-19 and Paycor very quickly figured it out. As a partner, you definitely stood out as an authority—you navigated the messiness and gave us direction. Whatever you’re doing to keep your staff focused on the client, it’s working. You have a winning formula.”

- Michelle Breath, Director of HR & Training, Taste Buds Management

Prior to Paycor

With 10 restaurants in Louisiana and one in Mississippi, Taste Buds Management found themselves bogged down in administrative HR work as they tried to keep up with the hiring demands of the restaurant industry. They had already started the search for a new HCM solution when their previous provider started reducing their product offerings. While there were several companies competing for Taste Buds’ business, HR Director Michelle Breath said it was the honesty and transparency of Paycor’s sales representative coupled with the user-friendly interface that convinced her Paycor was the right partner moving forward.


  • Multiple data entry points for admin
  • Paper-based ACA documentation
  • Lack of report customization

With Paycor

In an industry where everyone is on the go and the average age of the workforce is younger than 30, employee self-service via Paycor’s mobile app is invaluable. Employees have the ability to update their personal information and managers/admin can easily communicate company news with push notifications all conveniently from a tablet or smart phone. Michelle uses Paycor’s Reporting and Analytics solutions to quickly tally active headcount and ACA compliance, while custom reporting puts the latest company data and insights at her fingertips.

Solutions & Key Features

  • User-friendly, intuitive software
  • Powerful, real-time analytics & custom reporting
  • Candidate texting
  • Employee self-service
  • Seamless implementation process

Taste Buds statistic

Candidate Texting

Paycor Recruiting allows Michelle’s team to text candidates and keep hiring managers up to date on the status of new hires, which was a key differentiator. “In our industry, 90 percent of how we communicate with our staff is via mobile,” she said. “Our managers are on the go and being able to text them was huge.”


New hires can view and sign documentation specific to their job title, complete tax forms and direct deposit information all before their first day. Each employee’s information is kept in one location throughout the process, eliminating the need for administrators to log into multiple systems and/or spreadsheets.

Reporting & Analytics

Everything HR and business leaders need to know is right at their fingertips through reports that can be created, customized and shared in seconds. Taste Buds Management can add filters and design reports to gather information that’s needed to make strategic business decisions.

Taste Buds Management partners with Paycor to streamline processes, manage employees and increase efficiencies.

“We’ve seen a reduction in admin oversight because the system works easily to move information within the employee life cycle. And the fact that the mobile app gives my managers access to com-plete tasks or input information is even better since they need to be out on the restaurant floor and not in an office on a computer!”

- Michelle Breath, Director of HR & Training, Taste Buds Management

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