Posted on July 30, 2014

The Unlucky 13: Quick Facts about the Cost of Unengaged Employees

Do you think employee engagement is a problem faced by other organizations? Think again! Unengaged employees are among the three top business threats, a whopping 84 percent of senior leaders told The Economist.

Research by Gallup and the Global Workforce Survey abounds with data that underscore the true, bottom-line importance of employee engagement. Here are 13 facts to keep in mind about the workforce:

# Unengaged employees are late more frequently and use more sick time.
# Unengaged employees will go as far as to sabotage the efforts of their colleagues.
# Unengaged employees love to complain, which brings down overall morale.
# Unengaged employees become less productive, costing their employers $3,400 to $10,000 in salary, according to Gallup.
# A company loses at least $2,246 annually for each unengaged employee.
# Unprofitable companies have 50 percent fewer engaged employees compared with highly profitable organizations.
# Teams with unengaged employees sell 20 percent less than teams with highly engaged workers.
# Only 31 percent of unengaged employees believe they can make a positive impact on their organization.
# Only 27 percent of unengaged employees believe they can make a positive impact on their organization’s customer service.
# Only 19 percent of unengaged employees believe they can make a positive impact on costs in their division or department.
# Unengaged employees result in blown deadlines and bad sales results.
# As employee engagement decreases, customer complaints tend to increase.
# Unengaged employees pass on their negativity to customers, frequently resulting in customer dissatisfaction and loss.

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Sources: PeopleMetrics, National Business Research Institute