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Video: Paycor Time Product Overview
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Workforce Management

Video: Paycor Time Product Overview

Accuracy between time and payroll is no longer a nice to have—it’s a must have. Managers don’t have time to manually enter hours worked or re-key employee information every pay period. Manual data entry can lead to unintended errors and compliance issues.

Paycor’s Time solution makes labor management both time and cost effective. Our solution allows employers to not only track hours worked, but create schedules, manage requests and stay on top of labor distribution. With our smart and intuitive processes and error notification, employers can gain ultimate efficiencies and correct time discrepancies, immediately saving organizations time and money.

With our flexible mobile application, employees can clock in and out, manage their schedules and request time off from anywhere at any time. Our solution offers a variety of time entry options such as: mobile, portal widgets, web time clocks, web time sheets and time clocks.

Insightful tracking and reporting allow administrators to see where they can gain labor distribution efficiencies and cost savings. Our analytics tools allow you to drill down to specific departments and managers to see where overtime and time theft is costing you.

Watch the video to see how Paycor Time can help you make an impact on your organization’s bottom line.