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As a restaurant owner, your focus needs to be on your customer’s experience, not the HR side of the business.

Paycor has software to help the food and beverage industry recruit, hire, manage turnover and stay compliant. How much time could you save with Paycor? Try our Time Savings Calculator to find out.

Payroll software program

Money: Every Little Bit Helps

Paycor’s automated WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) system can help restaurants save money easily and automatically, without additional work. WOTC enables companies to receive tax credits for hiring employees that either live in certain locations or are part of a target group of individuals. Hiring tax credits can have a dramatic impact on a company’s federal tax liability, so much so that one organization can earn up to $9,600 per employee hired through WOTC.

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Compliance Challenges

Restaurants operate under the stress of slim margins, even as they tend to employ a mix of full-time and part-time people, sometimes in different locations and even different states. These factors make ACA compliance a potential headache for restaurant owners. Paycor has set the standard for ACA compliance. We’ve helped more than 8,000 organizations file accurately and on time with a solution that offers comprehensive reports and IRS Filing Service.

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Slim Margins and Inefficient Processes

Time is money. If managers are in a back room working on scheduling, new hire paperwork, and other administrative tasks—it’s keeping them off the floor. This prevents the business from running smoothly and hurts the overall production. Paycor’s restaurant HR software simplifies tasks, making performance tracking easy. Employee information including, I-9, FMLA, OSHA, workers’ comp, EEOC and COBRA information, is all stored and easily accessible. Automated processes like our Work Opportunity Tax Credit system also enables you to cut cost without wasting time.

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