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COVID-19: How to Make a Difference from Home
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COVID-19: How to Make a Difference from Home

When faced with adversity, true leaders rise to the occasion. From small acts of kindness to volunteer efforts affecting hundreds of people, people are stepping up in big ways. In today’s environment, you’re social distancing, washing your hands and helping flatten the curve. But this week kicks off volunteer week and you want to do more. After all there are still people in need and many nonprofits are still working hard to support their communities during this difficult time. So how can you make a difference during quarantine? Here’s a list of 5 ways you can get involved, from the safety of your home:

1. Make DIY Masks for Family and Friends

The CDC recommends that everyone—interacting with people—wear facemasks. But right now, they’re not exactly easy to get your hands on. So, what can you do in your free time? Make quality masks for your family and friends. The best part is: you don’t even need a sewing kit.

The CDC put together this no-sew DIY diagram you can build with common household items.

2. Donate to Nonprofits Helping to Respond to COVID-19

While many Americans are social distancing and working from home, millions of nonprofit professionals are working hard to deliver services and provide aide to those affected by COVID-19. If you have the financial security and means, consider offering support through donations.

3. Have Children Create Notes for Nursing Homes

If you have children—or know children—who are bored or restless during the crisis, have them create letters for residents at nursing homes. This population is arguably the most at risk and are therefore, extremely isolated. A letter or note can go a long way for those who can’t interact with the outside world.

4. Check on Your Neighbors

Some of your neighbors may be high risk. Others may be feeling isolated. To ensure they stay safe and healthy, call or text them to see how they’re doing. Ask them if they need any supplies, groceries or just a person to talk to. This new normal has forced us to change our routines. A simple phone call or handwritten note can go a long way to help make someone’s day.

5. Use Your Social Media!

Virtual lessons and trainings are more popular than ever. And since everyone has a skill or talent (and more free time), take yours to social media! Across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn people have done live Zumba classes, 1:1 mentorship sessions, resume workshops, free tax advice and so much more.

If you see volunteer opportunities post them! And be sure to share articles like this one so people can support their communities from the safety of their homes, just like you.

Paycor believes in Taking Care of Each Other and Doing the Right Thing, especially in times of uncertainty. We celebrate all those difference makers who are going above and beyond to give back to their local communities.

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