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We Support Paycor Customers Today, and Tomorrow
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We Support Paycor Customers Today, and Tomorrow

COVID-19 impacted so many organizations and changed the way most of us operate practically overnight. On some level, every business was affected, but none quite like healthcare facilities. This health crisis is impacting them in extreme ways, so Paycor launched a gratitude campaign to thank healthcare workers on the front lines. As a small token of our appreciation we offered our healthcare customers gift cards to buy lunch for their team. And to support our restaurant clientele at the same time, we purchased those gift cards from local Paycor restaurant customers. The response was overwhelming.

“In trying times, it is nice when others reach out with a kind hand.” -Danny L.

“Thank you very much for this gesture! We are still working — stay well!” -Lisa F.

“Thank you for your generosity. We appreciate it.” -Priscilla F.

During the COVID-19 emergency, our priority is to make sure our customers have the support they need and the most up-to-date information regarding new regulations, required health and safety protocols, tax codes, loan applications and more in order for them to make necessary business decisions.

As such, we created the Coronavirus Support Center for SMB Leaders as a hub for the latest news and information with resources and webinars to help navigate through the pandemic. We also show how Paycor’s technology and expertise can help guide your business through this crisis and prepare to get back to growth in the future.

Other ways we continue to support customers include:

  • Keeping customers compliant, by adding earning codes to payroll, monitoring legislation and updating products automatically.
  • Keeping customers informed with expert advice, everyday templates to use and deep dives on impactful business news.
  • Providing in-product tools to help manage your business, such as FAQs and how-to guides.
  • Continuing to invest in research and development to ensure your HCM platform remains flexible and adaptable.
  • Telecommuting tools so you can schedule, pay and train employees remotely with mobile, best-in-class scheduling tools, direct deposit and an award-winning Learning Management System.
  • COVID-19 Command Center: Paycor Analytics released a COVID-19 dashboard that delivers instant insights for crisis management.

Two of Paycor’s Guiding Principles are Take Care of Customers First and Do the Right Thing, and there’s never been a better time to showcase those values than now.