Payroll Manager

Payroll managers, we can help you complete all your payroll tasks without issue, and when questions come up, we’ll be there.

With payroll, the ultimate goal is to ensure that employees are paid accurately and timely. It's a goal that sounds relatively simple. However, many companies don't have the right process in place nor the right partner. At Paycor, we make it our mission to ensure a hassle-free payroll and HR experience. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of companies accurately process their payroll. We offer a number of products and services to make your job easier. Check out our online Solution Finder now to learn how we can help.

To Deal With the Complexities of Payroll, You Need an Integrated System.

The amount of detail involved in payroll management can be staggering. Every staff member can represent a different variable in pay rate, hours worked and deductions applied. An integrated system that houses all employee information should not be a, "want." It’s a need! Paycor provides you with a single platform where all data is stored and shared. Our unified human resources software platform gives you the efficiency you need to be successful. Plus, with everything connected, you can reduce duplicate entry and eliminate opportunities for errors.

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A Team of Experts Helps Keep Your Organization Compliant.

Accurately processing payroll while staying compliant with DOL and IRS regulations is a challenge. The ACA is one more thing to add to the list. Paycor has an entire team dedicated to understanding the ramifications of the ACA. With this knowledge, they provide guidance in how to meet all requirements. It’s what has made us an industry leader in ACA compliance with a proven track record of success. Our ACA reporting tool will help you generate the correct reports. It also provides the filing services to help ensure you avoid violations and fines.

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Empower Employees to Self-Serve.

You’re the one with the access and knowledge—which means you’re the one plagued with questions and requests. Wouldn’t life be easier if employees had the ability to login and update their own personal information? Who knows their contact, tax and direct deposit information better? Paycor empowers employees to do the administrative work for you—notifying you when changes are made. They also have quick mobile access to view wage and pay information.

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We’ve earned the trust of both users and third party evaluators.

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