Tax Credit Services

Have an expert on your side, identifying and filing the credits for which you qualify.

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Tax Credit Services

Existing Integration

Paycor has integrated the hiring tax credit screening directly into the onboarding process as part of our solution. This allows companies to screen new hires for available federal and state hiring tax credits all at once, including the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

In addition to the onboarding integration, Paycor and HIREtech also have a direct payroll integration, minimizing the information you need to provide, saving you time and money.

Innovative Technology

Customized reporting, real time data and seamless implementation make Paycor and HIREtech’s Tax Credit Services technology the best. The screening technology dynamically screens new hires for all federal and state tax credits and incentives.

Industry Leading Results

Paycor’s partner HIREtech has the highest certification rate in the industry due in large part to their technology, processes, and service.