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5 Benefits of AI Talent Sourcing Technology for Recruiters
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5 Benefits of AI Talent Sourcing Technology for Recruiters

One Minute Takeaway

  • Traditional recruitment methods like LinkedIn are no longer enough to find top talent.
  • AI-powered recruiting platforms can help you expand the candidate pool.
  • Paycor Smart Sourcing is an AI-powered recruiting platform that automates the talent sourcing process.

If you’re looking for passive candidates, additional data on candidates or more ways to contact beyond limited one-by-one manual messaging, you may want to check out some of the more robust recruiting platforms available with AI technology.

Paycor Smart Sourcing, by contrast, offers a comprehensive solution to all of these challenges by automating the sourcing process and significantly widening the candidate pool. Not only that, but training is also a breeze. Translation: more candidates, less work. Here’s how Paycor Smart Sourcing makes recruiting easier: 

1. AI Recruiting Tools Reduce the Work of Creating a Search 

With a traditional sourcing tool, recruiters manually enter keywords to find specific skills and job titles. With AI, the search is built automatically using the recruiter’s job description and an analysis of the company’s employee profiles. Assuming that the company is looking for similar people for the same role, AI uses hundreds of keywords to create a much more granular search without any extra effort on the recruiter’s part. Many hidden candidates are uncovered thanks to AI’s ability to infer and specify talent that a human couldn’t. Furthermore, Paycor Smart Sourcing does not require the recruiter to upload the job description. By integrating with the most common Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), it can automatically use the job description in the ATS to create and conduct its search.  

2. An AI Recruiting Platform Can Learn and Predict Recruiter Preferences 

With just a few calibrating questions, Paycor Smart Sourcing can tailor its search process to specific recruiter preferences. Recruiters are shown a number of relevant candidates and asked to give them a thumbs up or thumbs down. The search is refined accordingly, using the platform’s machine learning algorithms. This process helps account for implicit preferences of the recruiter which may not appear in the job description.  

3. An AI-Powered Recruiting Assistant Automates and Optimizes Engagement 

Traditional tools may widen the search beyond LinkedIn, but they still require recruiters to contact each candidate manually. Paycor Smart Sourcing’s platform selects and engages with hundreds of qualified and diverse profiles, without any effort on the part of the recruiter. The engagement process itself is also optimized with respect to Paycor Smart Sourcing’s prediction of which candidates are most likely to leave their current job in addition to meeting requirements. Using multiple channels for communication (such as e-mail and LinkedIn), the AI will invite candidates to interview with the employer. Those who show an interest are pushed into the user’s Applicant Tracking Systems for follow-up. Thus, recruiters can use their valuable time screening and interviewing many more candidates rather than monotonously searching for a few people to contact. 

4. AI Recruiting Software Helps Boost Diversity in Search Results 

Many candidate search tools, aside from LinkedIn, can filter search results by diverse identities. While boosting diversity is always a good thing, simply filtering a search without altering the search terms won’t necessarily find you the best candidates. Paycor Smart Sourcing’s platform addresses hiring disparity instead with a couple of patented processes. Specifically, Paycor Smart Sourcing’s AI can predict and add missing skills to a candidate’s profile. This is important because women and minorities often use different or fewer terms in their online profiles, making them harder for recruiters to find. These small changes and additions serve to level the playing field for a diverse range of talent without showing any less-qualified candidates. 

At the engagement stage, Paycor Smart Sourcing can also be programmed to engage only with diverse talent if diversity hiring is your goal.  

5. AI Recruiting Software Helps Balance Between Talent Pool Size and Quality 

One of the most common practices of traditional search techniques is to add or delete keywords and see the impact on the talent pool quality and quantity.  

This is a very labor-intensive process of trial and error which relies on a lot of guesswork. Paycor Smart Sourcing’s platform uses AI to optimize the balance between these two criteria. It will tighten requirements when the pool is big and relax them when the pool is small. Recruiters do have some control here, though: during the calibration process, the AI will ask the recruiter to approve search changes before making them. 

So, what do all these features amount to? In short, Paycor Smart Sourcing’s platform is meant to be used first as a key part of your recruiting strategy. It’s a fully automated system that not only saves recruiters valuable time and energy but helps with search qualifiers and expands the candidate pool much wider than manual search ever could. 

Discover how Paycor Smart Sourcing can help you find top talent, faster and more efficiently.