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5 Key Benefits of AI Recruiting Technology for Modern Recruiters
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5 Benefits of AI Talent Sourcing Technology for Recruiters

One Minute Takeaway

  • AI software automates searches for top talent.
  • AI reduces implicit bias and grows your candidate pool.
  • AI communicates with applicants which boosts their engagement.

Artificial intelligence is transforming the world of talent acquisition. New technology can help HR source passive job candidates and reduce implicit bias, expanding your talent pool. It also automates workflows to speed up the hiring process.

Paycor Smart Sourcing is a comprehensive solution to the challenges of recruiting. This powerful AI recruiting software makes hiring a breeze. It’s also user-friendly, which saves time for both HR and hiring managers. Here’s how AI streamlines recruiting:

AI Recruiting Tools Automate Searching (Increase Efficiency)

With a traditional sourcing tool, recruiters manually enter keywords to find candidates with specific skills. Artificial intelligence can automate the recruitment process without sacrificing your pipeline’s quality. Here’s how that works:

First, AI tools help you write job descriptions. Then, it analyzes those descriptions and your current employees’ profiles. Next, this powerful software designs a search for new candidates based on your criteria. It uses hundreds of keywords to create a much more granular search, with zero effort from the recruiter. Thanks to AI’s ability to infer information, this process uncovers hidden candidates a human might miss at first.

During and after your initial search, artificial intelligence cuts hours out of your workflow. For instance, Paycor Smart Sourcing integrates with the most common Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). As one Forbes article puts it, “Allowing AI to do the behind-the-scenes work frees recruiters to focus on the relationship-driven aspects of the hiring process to ensure the match is suitable for both the candidate and the company.”

An AI Recruiting Platform Can Learn Recruiters’ Preferences (find a cultural fit)

With just a few questions, Paycor Smart Sourcing tailors its search process to your team’s needs. Recruiters can then review a small number of relevant candidates and give them a thumbs up or down to train the program. Artificial intelligence refines the search, accounting for the recruiter’s human intuition.

AI-powered talent-sourcing software still needs a human touch. Paycor Smart Sourcing doesn’t take recruiting out of your hands. Instead, it empowers HR to save time on tedious tasks, by automating searches that include your customized criteria.

AI Technology Simplifies Communication

Corporate jobs get an average of 250 applications (Zippia). Let’s say 20% of those candidates are qualified. That’s 50 people. No one has time to manage that many email threads, much less schedule all those interviews. What if AI could do it for you?

The good news is, it can. Paycor Smart Sourcing streamlines communication, engaging with top candidates automatically. It even analyzes their responses, predicting who is or isn’t likely to leave a current job before they even get to the interview. These tools use multiple communication channels, like email and LinkedIn, to meet top talent right where they are. By the time HR gets involved, they’ll still have time and energy to connect with every applicant.

AI Software Reduces Bias and Boosts Diversity

Implicit bias shrinks your talent pool. Whether it shows up in your job descriptions, education requirements, or other search criteria, it can turn off highly qualified candidates. Paycor Smart Sourcing interrupts unconscious bias using a few different patented processes.

First, Paycor’s software can predict and add missing skills to a candidate’s profile. This is important because certain applicants – like women and people of color – tend to use different or fewer terms in their online profiles, making them harder to find. These small changes level the playing field for a diverse range of applicants, without showing less-qualified job hunters.

AI Balances Quantity and Quality

Hiring is a creative process. Chances are, you won’t find a person who exactly matches your job description. Recruiters need to know which criteria are non-negotiable and which have some wiggle room. You can’t fudge a medical degree, but is there a huge difference between eight years of experience vs. 10? It depends on the company and the role.

To find the right person, recruiters typically add and delete search keywords to balance quality and quantity. This is a labor-intensive process that relies on trial and error. That’s where AI really shines. Paycor Smart Sourcing can automatically tighten requirements when the pool is too big and relax them when you need more options. Recruiters maintain control over the process, with the right to approve or cancel every search change before it runs.

Embracing the Future of AI Recruiting

As AI expert Sameer Maskey writes, “this advancement requires HR professionals to do more than just embrace the technology to unlock automation-powered efficiencies and data-driven decisions. It requires them to identify novel applications of AI…Doing this will take candidate and employee engagement to a whole new level.”

Artificial intelligence is changing every aspect of business, and HR is no exception. To build an effective candidate pipeline, recruiters need to start leveraging this technology. Paycor Smart Sourcing balances metrics with human insights, empowering HR to streamline the recruiting process without losing the personal touch.


Q: Does AI recruiting replace human recruiters?

A: No. AI recruiting technology is designed to augment the work of recruiters, not replace them. AI automates tedious tasks like searching and screening candidates. That frees up recruiters to focus on the fun parts: building relationships with top talent, conducting interviews, and interfacing with hiring managers to choose the best candidate.

Q: Can AI improve the quality of my hires?

A: Yes. AI recruiting software automates resume screening based on your specific criteria. This raises the bar for every candidate. Instead of sorting through hundreds of resumes, HR can devote more time to reviewing qualified candidates. AI can also predict which candidates are likely to stay with your company long-term, reducing turnover costs.

Q: How can AI reduce bias in recruiting?

A: AI tools analyze more than keywords. Paycor Smart Sourcing uses AI to fill in the gaps on a candidate’s profile, including skills they probably have but don’t mention by name. This helps identify qualified candidates from more diverse backgrounds.

How Paycor Helps

AI-powered Smart Sourcing technology connects recruiters with top talent – including passive candidates. But what happens after you attract and hire these exciting candidates? Paycor’s recruiting tools integrate with our suite of HR software, including Onboarding, Payroll, Benefits Administration, and more. HR departments can work together to attract and retain top talent, relying on a single source of truth.

How Can AI Assist You?

Want to learn more about what AI means for HR? Download our power-user guide, How AI Technology Transforms Recruiting & Hiring.

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