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Text Recruiting Software: Connect Quickly with Candidates
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Text Recruiting Software: Connect Quickly with Candidates

With low unemployment rates and job openings on the rise, recruiters and HR professionals need all the help they can get to win the race for top talent. Text recruiting is one tool that many are using because it immediately (and literally) puts job postings in the palm of candidates’ hands.

There’s no denying that the way we communicate has changed. People rarely answer their phones anymore and you’re lucky if you get a reply to an email. But texting is another thing… it’s hard not to look when your cell starts to chirp or vibrate. In fact, a recent Deloitte survey found the average U.S. consumer checks their phone 52 times a day!

Which makes integrated candidate texting a must have for any HR pro using an applicant tracking system (ATS). It’s hard to put a price on the value of instant communication.


The Benefits of Text Recruiting

  1. Instant Communication

    Sometimes it’s easy to forget that applying for a new job can be stressful for an applicant. A recent Indeed survey found nearly half of respondents said waiting to hear back from employers is “highly frustrating.” Just think how a simple text can improve the candidate experience!

    The instant communication of a text is an important factor in the candidate experience—something which companies can’t afford to ignore any longer. The candidate experience leaves a lasting impression on both new hires and those who aren’t hired. In fact, 62% of applicants who are satisfied with their candidate experience (regardless if they received a job offer) are twice as likely to recommend your company to others, according to a recent IBM Smarter Workforce Institute survey.
  2. Phone Tag and Emails Landing in Junk Folders are Eliminated
    With candidate texting, recruiters no longer have to play phone tag with prospects or cross their fingers that an email doesn’t end up in the SPAM folder. Instead, they’re able to send quick follow-up messages and updates on where a candidate stands in the hiring process, simplifying the process on both ends. The quicker communication allows for quicker hiring, reducing the overall cost of filling a vacant position.
  3. Strengthened Candidate Pipeline
    Candidate texting also strengthens your talent pipeline by giving you a platform to send instant screening questions, assess a candidate’s excitement level for a role, engage genuinely with top prospects and quickly clear out candidates who “ghost” during the hiring process. You can also text reminders about upcoming interviews and general information such as directions to the worksite. Any communication coming from HR, recruiters or hiring managers should be trackable, consistent, compliant and on brand. Texting offers a record of the conversation whereas phone calls do not.

Recruiting Software that Makes an Impact

Prospective new hires start to formulate an opinion about your company much earlier in the recruiting process than you might think. Some impressions are from a brand perspective, but the biggest impact comes from the direct interaction he or she has with you. Experiences are amplified when shared, so you want to make sure every candidate who comes through your door has the best one possible.

Overall, a text recruiting software can drive efficiencies in the recruiting process and increase productivity. Paycor’s Applicant Tracking, with candidate texting, was designed by recruiters for recruiters. It can increase your productivity and streamline your organization’s recruiting process.

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