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Bank of Bird-in-Hand Case Study
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Employee Experience

Bank of Bird-in-Hand Case Study

Industry - Banking
97 employees
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Bank of Bird-in-Hand partners with Paycor to streamline and modernize HR

“Onboarding is phenomenal. It’s so easy to use from the new hire’s perspective and HR just checks off the boxes. When you see that little green check next to a circle, you feel like you’ve accomplished something. It’s just a beautiful system!”

Nichole Moore, Vice President of HR

Prior to Paycor

Bank of Bird-in-Hand, the first bank in the state to open in 2008 after the Great Recession, serves customers throughout Lancaster and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania. Before switching to Paycor, VP of HR, Nichole Moore was unhappy with their previous provider’s lackluster customer service, cumbersome reporting functionality and difficult navigation. The bank needed a solution that would be easy to implement, and could automate PTO, open enrollment and onboarding.

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  • Poor customer service
  • Complicated reporting
  • Manual, time-consuming processes
  • Siloed outdated systems

Partnership with Paycor

After switching to Paycor, Bank of Bird-in-Hand’s new employees can now hit the ground running instead of spending hours on paperwork. Onboarding and new hire orientation are quick and organized, saving HR 30 minutes or more per hire. The open enrollment process saves time because of its ease of use for administrators and managers.

Using Paycor’s Reporting has also saved hours of time, especially when it comes to ACA reports. Instead of spending time gathering and compiling data from separate systems, Nichole now has a concise, accurate report to send to her broker within minutes instead of hours.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Pain-free implementation
  • Automated PTO tracking & approvals
  • Easy-to-use onboarding
  • Improved open enrollment & reporting
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Ease of use, robust reporting and time savings brought Bank of Bird-in-Hand to Paycor.

Ease of Use

Time to request PTO (especially multiple days) has dropped from 5-10 minutes to seconds. And managers don’t have to log into the system to approve; they can simply click the email notification, enabling anywhere any time approvals.

Less Time on Time

An employee missing a punch would necessitate HR manually entering the punch in the system. Now, employees can do it themselves. And a simple click to “Approve All” instead of approving timecards one-by-one saves hours each pay period.

DIY with Self Service

Give employees the freedom of ownership of their information. Everything from address changes to 401(k) deductions can be entered without the help of HR.

“Any HR professional who is struggling with their current HR system really needs to do themselves a favor and look at Paycor. The system really can do it all.”

Nichole Moore