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Lunchtime Solutions Partners with Paycor to Streamline Operations
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Lunchtime Solutions Partners with Paycor to Streamline Operations

Lunchtime Solutions Accommodation & Food Services Industry
Lunchtime Solutions number of employees 820
Paycor product Lunchtime Solutions uses: Payroll, HR, Time

“Paycor had the capacity to do everything. It sounds like the most basic of things, but the biggest impact was getting all our employee files transferred into Paycor, so we now have a one-stop shop.”

– Sara DeAnda, Director of Human Resources

Prior to Paycor

Lunchtime Solutions, a K-12 food service company based in N. Sioux City, SD, used a hybrid system of paper and basic electronic signing and storage to manage payroll and HR. The system was inefficient and error-prone, as employees and HR entered duplicate data multiple times leading to issues with incorrect information. HR Director Sara DeAnda’s first task upon joining the company in December 2018 was to transfer all employee data to Paycor, a process that took almost a year.

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  • Paper documentation
  • Inefficient electronic document signing
  • Multiple work locations
  • Time-consuming data entry

Partnership with Paycor

After going live with Paycor in January 2019, Lunchtime Solutions has seen substantial improvements in efficiency and accuracy. The Paycor system is intuitive and integrated, with payroll seamlessly connecting to the HR system, meaning HR no longer has to deal with PTO requests or timecard mistakes, resulting in significant time savings. Overall, the switch to Paycor has been a “zero to one hundred change,” according to Sara, with the new system streamlining and simplifying HR processes.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Electronic data system
  • Efficient approval workflows
  • All files online in one place
  • One-stop shop
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“When COVID hit we had to completely change the way we did business. Because we’d implemented the cloud-based Paycor system two months earlier, we didn’t have a single hiccup when our HR team had to work 100% remotely.”

– Sara DeAnda, Director of Human Resources