Case Study: Baptist Bible College
Case Study: Baptist Bible College

Case Study: Baptist Bible College

In need of more robust HR & payroll technology to handle their complex needs, Baptist Bible college discovered an expert partner in Paycor.

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Baptist Bible College HR Solutions

“In our industry, keeping up with payroll, taxes and compliance is very challenging. But Paycor’s specialized higher education team gives me the peace of mind we’re covered. From proactive compliance alerts and user groups to a dedicated industry contact, Paycor is a partner I trust to helps us eliminate risk."
- Jason Todd, Vice President, Finance

Why Baptist Bible College left their previous HR & payroll provider

Founded in 1950 in Springfield Missouri, Baptist Bible College is a private Christian college that specializes in ministry and professional studies degrees. Like many small colleges, resources are limited, employees are forced to wear multiple hats, payroll is complex and compliance risk is always a concern. Baptist Bible College struggled to find a reliable payroll vendor who could offer responsive service, assist with managing compliance or accurately process payroll for adjunct faculty. As a result, they were forced to switch providers three times in four years. Then, they discovered Paycor.


  • Struggled to pay adjunct faculty accurately
  • Manual onboarding process
  • Manual PTO tracking
  • Lacked employee self-service functionality
  • Poor customer service
  • Lacked compliance support

Solution: Technology

Prior to Paycor, staff had only one option to clock in and out: a computer terminal. But with Paycor’s Mobile App, employees can clock in and out, update personal information and check paystubs. Onboarding required manual work for employees and administrators, often taking multiple hours to complete. But today, the entire onboarding process is automated. New hires complete personal information and review and acknowledge important documents online. By ensuring that all necessary information is completed prior to a new hire’s start date, Baptist Bible College can eliminate risk and reduce the time spent onboarding employees.

Key Features

  • Automated onboarding process
  • Employee self-service
  • Mobile punching
  • Automated system to track PTO

Solution: Expertise

Baptist Bible College was introduced to Paycor at an industry conference and was impressed that they offered a sales representative, implementation and on-going service team that specializes in serving higher education institutions. Right off the bat after switching to Paycor, Baptist Bible College saw a significant improvement in customer service and compliance notifications. Previously, they often waited 72+ hours to receive a response. Now, questions are met with immediate, reliable answers because Paycor’s specialized higher education team is familiar with the challenges that impact their business and can offer expert support.

Key Features

  • Personalized sales, service and support team
  • Higher education expertise
  • Responsive and transparent implementation

reduction in payroll processing time


Paycor’s Onboarding tool saves hiring managers one hour of admin time for each employee hired. Instead of handing out paper forms for employees to complete on their first day, new hires complete essential new hire tasks online and administrators can track progress. It’s helped the school provide new hires with a great first impression.

Higher Ed User Groups

Paycor offers a dedicated user group for higher ed customers across the country. Led by a Paycor industry expert, the user group meets virtually and in person throughout the year to discuss industry challenges and share best practices on how to utilize Paycor’s solutions to solve business problems.

Time & Attendance

Prior to Paycor, leave requests were tracked in Excel and employees had little visibility into their bank of time remaining. Now, requests are tracked electronically with immediate approval from managers.

“Having a dedicated industry expert to turn to at Paycor has been invaluable. We don’t have a large team capable of keeping up with everything that’s happening outside our walls, but we know Paycor will be there to provide us the information we need.”
- Jason Todd, Vice President, Finance

Baptist Bible College partners with Paycor to recruit, onboard, pay and retain their workforce.

  • Onboarding
  • Time & Attendance
  • HR
  • Benefits
  • Payroll
  • Reporting

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