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Common HR Challenges and How to Solve Them
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Common HR Challenges and How to Solve Them

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Don’t Let these 6 Issues Keep You Up at Night

After surveying hundreds of HR departments, we found that 75% of successful, high-functioning HR teams spend most of their time on recruiting, benefits administration, managing labor costs, making sure they’re compliant, people management and the employee experience. Which means these six areas are where some of the biggest challenges arise for HR leaders.

In fact, 45% of HR leaders say recruiting is their toughest challenge. In our current tight labor market, hiring managers in practically every industry are concerned about the lack of available talent. How can you make your recruiting practices stand out from the competition?

Of course, once you’ve hired the talent, how do you go about retaining employees? The employee experience is key, but unfortunately only 33% of employees in the U.S. are engaged in their jobs. Which means all those disengaged workers aren’t promoting or endorsing your company, making the job of attracting top talent that more difficult.

From compliance and benefits administration to managing labor costs, it’s important to address any problems or issues as they arise.