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What to Include in an Employee Files Checklist
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What to Include in an Employee Files Checklist

What Is an Employee File?

Employers should utilize an employee file to capture and maintain all HR, payroll, benefits and compliance documents in one location. With the evolution of HR technology, employers should store all essential personnel documents for each employee within their HR system. Failure to properly maintain and produce documentation can result in compliance violations or potential fines.

Documents protected by privacy laws, such as medical/insurance records and reference/background checks, should not be included in an employee’s basic employee file.

Here’s a snapshot of the items that can be included in a basic employee file:

  • Job description

  • Job application and/or resume

  • Job offer

  • IRS Form W-4

  • Receipt or signed acknowledgment of employee handbook

  • Performance evaluations

  • Forms relating to employee benefits

  • Forms providing emergency contacts

  • Customers and/or coworkers complaints

  • Awards or citations for excellent performance

  • Records of attendance or completion of training programs

  • Warnings and/or other disciplinary actions

  • Notes on attendance or tardiness

  • Any contract, written agreement, receipt, or acknowledgment between the employee and the employer

  • Documents relating to the worker’s departure from the company

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