Case Study: McDonald's
Case Study: McDonald's

Case Study: McDonald's

A McDonald’s organization needed Payroll and ACA reporting that seamlessly integrated with QsrSoft.

McDonalds Food and Beverage Industry
McDonald's Franchise Employees
McDonald's HR Solutions
"Prior to Paycor we were downloading and creating new excel files [for payroll]. It took 30+ minutes per store—and that’s if there were no errors. Now it only takes seconds. Data flows seamlessly from eRestaurant to QsrSoft to Paycor." - Tina Federico, HR Supervisor, McDonald’s 19-store franchise

Prior to Paycor

Without an integrated payroll system, McDonald’s administrators had to manually import hours worked from their timekeeping system and also check for any errors. Administrators manually tracked 1,000+ employees’ ACA eligibility during a time of high turnover. When there was a question or problem, lack of a dedicated support team from their previous provider meant time wasted on hold or spent providing background details and information—again.


  • Time-consuming payroll process
  • Limited reporting
  • Poor customer service
  • Lack of payroll solution integration

With Paycor

Paycor’s platform seamlessly integrates with QsrSoft, eliminating the need to manually add new hires and track hours. If there are any issues or red flags, administrators receive notification before they run payroll. ACA reporting allows administrators to instantly see who’s eligible for the insurance coverage. The customizable reports (and templates) promote effective and efficient communication with employees and owners.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Integrated and streamlined payroll
  • Custom reporting
  • Detailed ACA tracking and reporting
  • Timely customer support

HR saves a total of 9.5 hours processing payroll each week for the 19 McDonald’s locations.

“The Paycor team works together. They’re open to listening to what we’re trying to accomplish and help us figure out ways to make it work.” - Tina Federico, HR Supervisor, McDonald’s 19-store franchise


Implementing Paycor’s ACA solution allows administrators to use interactive dashboards to track eligibility and generate the forms employees need to manage compliance. They also receive proactive alerts for potential penalties.

Payroll Processing

With Paycor, payroll administrators can preview an employee’s check and make changes to the employee profile directly in the paygrid. This has led to a substantial time savings, reduction in errors and better user experience for administrators.

Dedicated Customer Support

Paycor’s dedicated franchise support means Tina and her HR colleagues don’t have to explain their background to new customer service reps time and time again. The Paycor team is knowledgeable about McDonald’s systems and can use that expertise to address any issues quickly.

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