Posted on January 28, 2010

Paycor releases tech enhancements to web-based HR Performer Software

Innovative features include customizable viewing rights, compliance and reporting options

Cincinnati —Technology investments at Paycor are paying off for clients across the U.S. 
Paycor, a leading provider of payroll, HR and time keeping solutions, has announced the latest release of its HR Performer software.

HR Performer is a web-based solution developed by Paycor’s software experts. The software allows human resource professionals, managers and staff to perform administrative functions online, from entering or updating information to transacting benefit enrollment requests and ensuring compliancy. And HR Performer’s simple web navigation makes it easy for employees to complete assigned tasks.

HR Performer offers applicant tracking, training administration, audit trails, performance management/employee development tools, company asset tracking, workplace safety and document archival.

Now in its third year, user feedback has sparked continued investment in HR Performer. Paycor continues to leverage its “single point of contact” business model by incorporating direct client feedback for enhancements. This latest release gives clients the flexibility to assign user-specific security permissions to managers and staff. Administrators can control which areas of the software the employee can access to do her job efficiently and effectively.

The software solution offers up-to-date compliance reporting and even greater flexibility within its customizable reporting options. Clients can now integrate with the most current VETS 100, VETS 100A and EEO1 information.

HR Performer reduces workload by integrating HR and Payroll data. Duplicate data entry is eliminated, thus enhancing accuracy, and its web-based platform makes the solution fast and secure. HR Performer is designed to allow managers to focus on meaning – versus entry – of the data to identify trends, issues and business opportunities.

“Companies want to outsource HR tasks and reduce labor costs while increasing accuracy,” says Bob Coughlin, Paycor CEO. “HR Performer decreases the administrative work that burdens HR staffs, and it empowers managers and staff to work much more efficiently.”
Coughlin continues, “Payroll and HR software are merging into one set of systems eliminating errors and increasing efficiency caused by duplicate entry. This is just one more way we are making our clients’ jobs easier.”

Paycor’s software engineers are anticipating additional product releases in 2010, including:

  • Benefits carrier connectivity
  • Combined payroll and HR reporting capability
  • Better workflow capabilities for multiple approval or notification routes
  • More enhanced benefit plan set-up options
  • Customizable new hire screen

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