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October Virtual Summit – Predicting Post-Pandemic Recruiting Trends
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October Virtual Summit – Predicting Post-Pandemic Recruiting Trends

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The business community and its workforce have undergone some major shifts this year, such as adjusting to remote work and becoming comfortable with social distancing measures in the workplace. Similarly, recruitment initiatives have expanded in some cases to support hiring without physically being onsite. This has resulted in some significant process changes.

During this discussion, we will review

• The pandemic’s impact on recruiting processes (what changed and what remained)

• New recruiting trends to better outshine your competitors

• The best recruiting technology to consider for the future and why you need it

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Speaker: John Throckmorton

John is the VP of Operations for strategic HR, inc. With an operational background, John focuses on delivering and exceeding expectations. John has been involved in executing projects and operations for the last 25 years. He has worked in multiple industries including IT, human resources, environmental, manufacturing, and the public sector.