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Paycor Announces COVID-19 Command Center
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Paycor Announces COVID-19 Command Center to Help Navigate Human Resources And Business Leaders Through Pandemic

Paycor Provides Human Resource (HR) Leaders with Instant Insights for Crisis Management, Helps SMB Leaders Protect Their Employees and Organizations

CINCINNATI – April 2, 2020 – Human Capital Management (HCM) company Paycor today announced the launch of the COVID-19 Command Center, an offering that addresses the needs of small- to mid-sized business (SMB) during the uncertain times presented by the COVID-19 outbreak. Through this offering, Paycor operates as a critical component to customers’ strategies by giving HR Leaders the technology and expertise to protect their people and businesses today so they can thrive tomorrow.

A worldwide pandemic presents little to no advanced warning. As such, the COVID-19 outbreak has left organizations scrambling to minimize disruption to their businesses. As organizations are trying to strike the difficult balance of keeping their employees safe and maintaining key business functions, they require timely tools to help prepare and navigate the uncertainty and complexity that COVID-19 continues to unleash with each passing day.

Developed in partnership with Visier, Paycor’s COVID-19 Command Center complements organizations’ business continuity plans by providing the right data insights and content at the four critical stages – Prepare, Plan, Respond and Recover – so customers can better inform and protect their people and businesses during this crisis. Tools at each stage of their business continuity plan include:

Prepare with real time insights:

By providing quick and easy access to data from the best credible source of publicly available data around the COVID-19 crisis, Paycor helps businesses prepare by providing credible, verifiable data and insights specific to COVID-19, ensuring the safety and security of the workforce.

  • Employee Safety – Allows users to see which employees are in current or future high-risk locations so HR Leaders can take actions to minimize risk to their employees.
  • Business Continuity – Helps remove the uncertainty so businesses can tailor response plans and communications while identifying mission-critical employees and roles across all locations.
  • Resource Allocation – Provides complete views of the workforce so HR Leaders can plan and adjust resources strategically based on rapidly changing situations.
  • Risk Minimization – Allows quick decisions to be made with real-time data insights, minimizing impact and risk by staying proactive in each response.

Plan with actionable data:

During this stage, monitoring and assessing the workforce is also critical. Paycor Analytics, powered by Visier, empowers HR Leaders to make informed decisions about operating requirements and key employees, enabling businesses agility to withstand the disruption.

  • Churn Reduction – Identify early warning signs of burn-out through overtime and absenteeism to better plan and allocate resources.
  • Workforce Allocation – Analyze if certain employees can be redeployed to other areas of the organization.
  • Financial & Operational Risk Management – Understand where costs are being allocated using the compensation dashboards to help with compensation strategy.

Respond with the help of HR experts:

To help contain the pandemic’s impact on customers’ businesses, Paycor provides HR Leaders with technology and expertise through the HR Support Center and On Demand Service, a one-stop-shop within Paycor’s HR solution for high quality HR information, technology and tools, backed by an experienced, credentialed client management team.

  • Single source of truth for compliance, tax and all relevant legislation – HR Support Center gives HR Leaders peace of mind by sorting through the complexity and providing a single source of truth for all state and federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) information.
  • Essential Resources – HR Support Center includes a dashboard with news alerts, FAQs, guides, letters, forms, notices and more that help address the COVID-19 challenges.
  • Personal HR counseling and guidance – HR On Demand Service offers a full team approach with personalized HR counseling and guidance.

Recover quickly by playing the long game:

Every decision business leaders make should have a view to the future. Paycor Analytics can help provide the information needed to plan a quick and efficient transition back to “business as usual” when the crisis comes to an end.

  • Future Growth Projection – Helps forecast future talent needs by projecting future headcount by department and location. This can help with staggered ramp up scenarios across the organization.
  • Emergent Leader Identification – Evaluates the workforce and supervisory roles so businesses can move leaders who emerged during the crisis into key leadership positions across the organization.
  • Trend and Comparison Description – Provides benchmarking capabilities to see how the organization stacks up to others in the same industry and/or location.

The COVID-19 Command Center is available for prospects and current clients of Paycor today as part of Paycor Analytics product. In addition, Paycor has been keeping clients compliant adding earning codes to payroll, monitoring legislation and updating products automatically as the pandemic and new legislation unfold. For more information, please click here.

Supporting Quotes

“COVID-19 is a public health emergency that is affecting every facet of our lives, from our families to our communities to our businesses. Paycor knows that how organizations prepare and respond to the COVID-19 crisis is critical to the health and safety of employees and integral to the continuity of each and every business, and that’s why we developed the COVID-19 Command Center,” said Ryan Bergstrom, Chief Product Officer at Paycor. “At Paycor, we’ve always worked to make a difference for our customers and their businesses, and to help where needed. Right now, the focus is very clear and that promise will not waver.”

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