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Your Partner in Service

Paycor understands the unique challenges faces by Catholic Dioceses and gives you more time to focus on your mission.

Freeing you up to serve your community.

Paycor’s solutions allow your parishes to:

  • Streamline employee processes to increase efficiency and maximize resources
  • Ensure compliance with complicated tax laws for priests and religious officials
  • Create detailed, consistent reports to fuel strategic, big-picture decisions

Dedicated Diocesan Service Team

Through Paycor’s Diocesan Partners program, you and your parishes will always have a single contact to answer your questions. More than that, we are well versed in the tax compliance, labor management and HR challenges that you face every day.

Our team of expert advisors are committed to helping you and your parishes fulfill your mission.

Stay compliant with the latest regulatory changes.

As tax and labor regulations continue to change, trust Paycor’s HR and payroll technology to help mitigate your risk of non-compliance. We offer solutions for the ACA, DOL overtime regulations and HR to help keep your diocese compliant.

Receive access to online reports to ensure compliance, including affordability and eligibility for health coverage.

Check out some of our compliance resources:

Effectively leverage resources to support your mission.

  • Streamline manual processes to reduce the risk of costly errors
  • Easily hire qualified employees with a passion for your mission
  • Generate reports that provide powerful insights and transparency for more successful planning, decision making and financial reporting

Watch the videos below to learn more about Paycor’s solutions.

See what our Diocese partners have to say:

“Throughout my day, I’m pulled in many different directions. When managing a multi-million dollar organization with a lean staff, I don’t have time to worry about payroll and tax filings being processed properly. With Paycor, I never have a reason to worry.”

David A., Business Manager, St. Gertrude Archdiocese of Cincinnati

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“Working with Paycor has allowed me to significantly reduce risk and evolve the diocese forward in terms of matching what folks in the commercial world have done for years. Any time you take a chance of misfiling with the IRS, that’s a huge risk. I’m now able to sleep at night because we’ve centralized processes and reduced risk. Working with Paycor allows me to attack more areas. Instead of completing transactions, I can focus more on the strategic side.”

Bill D., Finance Director, Diocese of Columbus

“From the start, we have always had a strong relationship with Paycor. It’s not hard to use and believe in a product when you work with people who believe in the product they represent.”

Phyliss W., HR Administrator, Archdiocese of Louisville

Resources to maximize your success.

Paycor helps Diocesans streamline their operations to grow their organizations.

View the resources below to see how we can help:

Read the Archdiocese of Louisville Case Study

Read the testimonial for St. Gertrude Parish in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati

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How Nonprofit Organizations Can Prepare for DOL-Proposed Overtime Regulations

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Interns: To Pay or Not to Pay? (That Is the Question)

Contact us and see for yourself.

Paycor offers a sales and support team dedicated to Diocesans who understand your business needs.

Bryan Braswell, Diocesan Sales Executive


Helping our clients get the most out of our service and keeping them ahead of the curve is key to their success and ours. From helpful training to frequent webinars, Paycor provides answers every step of the way.

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