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Why Diversity in the Workplace Matters
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Why Diversity in the Workplace Matters

The latest research from the likes of McKinsey and the Harvard Business Review reveal that companies with diverse workforces are more profitable and have greater chances of attracting and retaining top talent. Still, many organizations have been slow to develop inclusion strategies primarily because they’re unsure how to promote and execute these initiatives.

Start from the top

In McKinsey’s research, they found that companies with the most diverse executives are 33% more profitable. Diverse management teams promote more innovation because individuals from different backgrounds with unique minds and ideas can come together and share input based on past experiences. If you’re looking to optimize a process or solve a lingering issue, gathering feedback from multiple perspectives encourages collaboration and new types of thinking. But don’t stop just with the executive team. Diversity initiatives should be a focal point across your entire organization.

If your organization is struggling to realize the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion, start with this infographic below. Inside, you’ll find 3 common roadblocks businesses face and how to overcome them.