Posted on September 16, 2014

In a recent Paycor webinar, Tim Reed of Simplifi HR described 4 Key Strategies for Impactful Organizational Effectiveness, providing concrete tips for making the most of your team and its individual contributors.

Here are three commonly asked management questions Tim addressed:

1. How can you motivate supervisors to give employees positive feedback more often?

It’s part of the culture. Are the supervisors given positive feedback? Usually they will model the behavior they see in front of them. So, how are they treated? Supervisors usually treat people the way their leaders treat them.

2. What’s the number one thing someone could do today to make an impact on their organization?

It depends on the organization, but you can always evaluate and assess how you bring people on board and how you develop the culture. Are the culture and the values of the organization clear? It’s hard to do internally; sometimes you need to bring in someone who’s totally objective.

A lot of organizations give lip service to the values of the organization. But the values should be more than words on a little card. It’s about behaving in a certain way, getting everyone to buy into what the organization’s values are. It’s a constant, diligent modeling of the organization’s values.

3. How do you do a review of yourself and take action steps based on that?

If done correctly, 360-degree assessments are useful. Improperly used, they can be damaging. A lot of people will use those as a poison pen to be negative. But if used correctly, they can be very powerful.

Lastly, just talk to your team. Usually, you’ll know how people are responding to you. In my company, I’m constantly asking, “How are we doing? How am I doing?”

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