Buffalo Wild Wings Partnership

Paycor provides the HR technology and expertise Buffalo Wild Wings owners need in order to focus on what matters most—your customers.

Our dedicated sales and support team have decades-worth of experience supporting the unique needs of Buffalo Wild Wings franchises. Try out our Solution Finder today to understand how software can help accomplish your goals.

POS Integration

Juggling multiple systems to manage payroll, hours worked and new hire information can greatly impact your ability to focus on your customers. Improve your operational workflows by integrating NCR Aloha—or any other payroll system—seamlessly into Paycor’s Perform Payroll so you can easily manage employee data and payroll details from one platform.

Recruiting and Onboarding

A low unemployment rate makes it difficult for restaurants struggling to retain their workforce. Paycor can help you find quality candidates, reward employee referrals, identify turnover trends and help solve HR issues with top-notch recruiting and onboarding solutions. Our solution can save owners and managers time, increase efficiency and eliminate errors resulting from duplicate entry.

Manage HR & Compliance

Maintain one system of record for employee information with one data entry point. Share, sign and store all company documents on Paycor’s unified platform. Our ACA solution helps you stay compliant with comprehensive reports and on-time IRS filing service.

Tax Credits

Paycor’s automated Work Opportunity Tax Credit system can help you save money by automatically identifying tax credits for hiring employees from certain target groups. Ensure employees are paid accurately and on time via direct deposit or through an integrated pay card provider.

Paycor Knows Buffalo Wild Wings