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Case Study: What If Syndicate
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What If Syndicate


Accommodation & Food Services – Restaurant

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Paycor’s Suite of HR Solutions Saves What If Syndicate 40 Hours Each Week.

“With our previous HR & payroll provider, getting answers—or simply a response—to our questions was a painstaking process. But at Paycor, we have an amazing customer support team that can guide us through HR processes and keep us compliant.”

Zeke Dolezalek, People & Culture Manager

Prior to Paycor

In 2015, What If Syndicate opened their flagship restaurant—Maple & Ash. In just 5 years, their award-winning portfolio of restaurants is at the center of a growing hospitality industry.

With such rapid growth (nearly 600 employees hired in an eight-month period), What If Syndicate needed an HR & payroll provider that streamlined tedious tasks like new hire paperwork, reviewing time sheets and employee training. Unfortunately, their previous provider was unable to meet their demands and provide solutions to help them grow.

Prior to Paycor, paper onboarding processes took twenty hours per week to complete. Employee documents were kept in filing cabinets, records were lost and updating employee information was nearly impossible. With the nature of the restaurant industry, turnover is a common problem. That’s why it’s so important to have a good onboarding solution. To make matters worse, subpar customer service and support left them in the dark when they had questions about their solutions or when they needed HR assistance. That’s when they turned to Paycor.


  • Manual onboarding & HR processes
  • Poor customer service
  • No professional training courses
  • Disconnected and outdated software

With Paycor

Instead of new hires spending their first day completing paperwork, Paycor Onboarding allows them to sign important documents, set up direct deposit and connect and engage with their peers right out of the gate. Now, the onboarding processes takes less than six hours a week. Because of Paycor Onboarding, What If Syndicate was able to hire nearly six hundred employees in an eight-month period.

Today, Paycor Payroll & Time empower HR admins to automate tasks around approvals, reporting and tracking employee hours. Employees can now view their paystubs online—reducing tedious tasks for business leaders. With Paycor Learning Management, HR can virtually train their employees nationwide on company policies, compliance and more instead of relying on in-person classes.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Automated onboarding
  • User-friendly software
  • Responsive, personalized support
  • Learning modules for training employees

Paycor Onboarding eliminates tedious paperwork and admin tasks saving What If Syndicate 14 Hours each time they onboard a new hire cohort.

Paycor Learning Management

After implementing Paycor Learning Management, What If Syndicate transformed their training program. Employees can complete courses via a computer or Paycor’s mobile app—allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Paycor Onboarding

Paycor Onboarding streamlines the new hire process so employees can review and acknowledge policies before their first day—lessening any potential compliance issues or oversight that may arise.

What If Syndicate partners with Paycor to streamline processes, manage employees and increase productivity.

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