C.E. Holt Refrigeration, based in Charlotte North Carolina, came to Paycor in January 2011 from a national competitor with its 104 employees. Since that time, payroll contact Crystal Saunders has been working with Paycor Payroll Consultant Laura Fulcher.

In February of this year, during a proactive call, Laura uncovered an area of discontent for Crystal. In the 15 months they’ve been working together, Crystal would often send Laura tax questions and Laura would reply with excerpts from the IRS or links to other tax websites. During the February call, Crystal began asking Laura HR questions. She assumed Laura would be able to provide her HR data the same way she had always provided tax data. Laura explained that she could not advise on HR related issues. Crystal expressed frustration that she did not have anyone to answer her HR questions.

But wait! Laura went on to explain that while she could not answer Crystal’s HR questions, Paycor did have an HR solution for her with HR on Demand. After an explanation of the service and offerings, Crystal replied, “of course you have a solution for me. You always have a solution for me. I love working with Paycor and I appreciate all you do for us! Thank you Laura!”