City Electric is a Paycor client with many locations and over 1,100 employees. All employees utilize Paycor's Employee Self Service time and attendance feature. Another 500 city supervisors/oayroll managers access the Manager Self Service portion of the product. Initially, the supervisors at these locations were struggling with adopting Paycor's time and attendance application. City Electric’s main contact, Andy, reached out to Tiffany Malicek, their Time on Demand Support Specialist, to see if there was anything that could be done to improve the supervisors’ experience with the time and attendance application.

Andy and Tiffany determined that they could simplify the application's supervisor view to only give them the tools that they needed to use within their view. Tiffany set up a test account for Andy and his supervisors to use. After a few modifications were made, Tiffany received the final OK from Andy on Friday, to roll out this changed view to 500+ supervisors on the following Monday.

Knowing that the switch could not be made prior to Friday evening, Tiffany spent her weekend making the manual updates needed to make the switch for all supervisors. On Monday morning, they logged in to find a new simplified Time on Demand view. Andy told Tiffany later that his supervisors felt that simplifying the time and attendance application also simplified their job responsibilities and made them much more comfortable with Time on Demand.