Client Spotlight: Dorothy Lane Market

Stop in at a Dorothy Lane Market location on any Saturday afternoon and you’ll quickly see that it’s more than a gourmet supermarket. It’s an experience.

Wine tastings and cooking demonstrations are just some of the events that occur each weekend to create a “festival-like experience,” according to Kent Dimbath, chief financial officer and 20-year employee. And then there are the food samplings – gourmet food products from around the world that stock the shelves.

“We like to say our food is the décor,” says Kent. “We don’t just build an apple display, we build an apple display.”

Awards for its magnificent food and service are nothing new for the family-owned business that began as a fruit stand in 1948 and now has three locations in the Dayton, Ohio, area. Dorothy Lane recently topped four international competitors to receive the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Gourmet Grocer, an awards program of Luxist, a luxury goods and lifestyle Web site and division of AOL.

The company’s mission statement is to “make our customers happy by providing honestly better food and service – every time,” and it is put into practice in many ways: shopping assistants available at every store, the DLM in a Dash program that lets a customer place an order online and have it delivered to her doorstep, and the list goes on. Kent believes that this dedication to providing best-in-class service is something Dorothy Lane shares with Paycor.

Having a dedicated Payroll Specialist he knows by name whom he can call whenever he needs help is one perk he has enjoyed since switching to Paycor Payroll a year ago. “Unexpected issues occur with payroll, but it has been much easier to fix problems since we’ve partnered with Paycor,” says Kent. “When I call Kim [our Payroll Specialist] I get an answer within seconds, the problem gets fixed, and I can go on with my day. Before Paycor it might take me six phone calls, and sometimes the answer I finally received wasn’t even the right answer.”

Kent’s previous payroll provider wasn’t very cooperative when the gourmet grocer determined it needed to change to a weekly pay cycle from biweekly, and wanted to be able to add its own deductions. His struggle to get personalized support became a thing of the past once he partnered with Paycor. An experienced implementation specialist worked one-on-one with him to walk him through the easy process of converting to Paycor’s flexible, easy-to-use payroll solution. “There is an energy level evident whenever I speak with a Paycor team member that reflects their genuine interest in helping me,” says Kent.

Like Dorothy Lane, Paycor’s success has been built on that critical combination of providing both superior products and an unsurpassed service experience.