Posted on February 4, 2011

HP features Paycor’s Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Armour, in a case study

Paycor Payroll's technology is critical to our continued growth and success. “Our service model is responsive, one-to-one service,” says Kevin Armour, Paycor's Chief Technology Officer, “and our associates’ ability to respond depends on our IT infrastructure.”

HP recently released a case study highlighting Paycor's implementation of their new ProLiant DL980 Server in the fall of 2010. Paycor is growing 15-20 per year and to keep up with that pace, we knew we needed to upgrade our infrastructure. “Previously, we were pushing the envelope, especially during peak volume times when everybody wants the resources at once. Now we have the headroom we need.”

The speed of the new system helps increase the efficiency of our associates and provide a higher client satisfcation through quick, accurate information. “We are getting comments about the system being ‘a lot faster.’ Some large database downloads from starting new clients that used to take 10 minutes now take half that time. Overall, I think that downloads are actually more than 50% faster.” says Armour.

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