KFC Franchisee Wild about Paycor’s Technology

Lions, tigers and...payroll?

Even being on safari in Africa, KFC franchisee Art Cook was able to process payroll for his 15 employees back home in Alexandria, Kentucky.

“I’ve been in business 25 years, and I can do some traveling now, but one of the things I still do administratively is payroll,” Cook says. “With Paycor, I can do payroll wherever I am, even if I’m traveling abroad. I can look at my payroll, calculate it, and as long as I have WiFi, I can run my payroll.”

Flexibility and simplicity have kept Cook a happy Paycor customer for years. He values the ease of use and the fact that he can run his payroll in only 15 minutes.

Cook is so satisfied, he says, that he doesn’t entertain the overtures he gets from competitors who want his business. He sticks with Paycor, the provider he trusts, so he can focus on his franchise—no matter where he is in the world.

“It’s simple to use, so I don’t have any complaints,” Cook says. “I’d recommend Paycor to other franchisees.”

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Photo credit: KFC Corporation